Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Yale dropout Claire Danes. You know what they didn’t invent at Yale? The Facebook. And yes, I just saw The Social Network again, why?


Yahoo!!!!!! and ESPN are reporting that Oregon paid recruiting services, reported it in their financial statements, but are not being investigated by the NCAA for doing so, at least not as of now.

SI’s Andy Staples actually has firsthand experience with these camps and services and weighs in.

I’m warning you now, though, your favorite older columnists will or have already turned into Helen Lovejoy over the ordeal.

• Northwestern QB Dan Persa is healing. Woo.

• Former Pitt coach Dave Wannstedt disagrees with the Panthers being singled out by the SI crime story and defends his discipline record. Methinks, Dave, methinks.

• Michigan blog “Maize ‘n Brew” debriefs the Rich Rodriguez era.

• Auburn lost around $600,000 on the BCS Championship game. Shouldn’t have bet the over, guys.

• John Bond, the former Mississippi State QB in the middle of the Cecil/Cam Newton ordeal says the recently-released audiotape is “not authentic.” Dun dun DUNNNN.

• Washington RB John Fogerson was arrested Thursday for marijuana possession and resisting arrest. And by that I mean he ran away. Brave.

• Clemson enters a new era with new QB Tajh Boyd. Prediction: 8-4 will somehow feel fresh in 2011 for the Tigers.

• CBS Sports columnists pick their favorite stadiums. The Coliseum comes in at number ten, which tells me that nobody CBS Sports has never been to The Coliseum. Expensive/inconvenient parking! No comfort! Bad sight lines! Top ten!

• EDSBS Fulmer Cup Update? EDSBS Fulmer Cup Update!


Today’s Video of the Day is the new video for the The Strokes single “Under Cover of Darkness.” Beyond it being a good song, it was a good reminder that music videos somehow still exist.


Enjoy your Friday.

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