Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Billy Crystal, esteemed NYU graduate. We all miss his hostmanship. One time, somebody misheard the name of the show as “The Solid Purple” and assumed we only covered NYU Violet sports. They don’t have a football team, but it’s still a pretty brilliant spinoff idea.


• Sports Illustrated and CBS News published an investigation of the criminal histories of college football players. Apparently, a percentage of players have them.

EDSBS’s Spencer Hall reacts with questions about context. Pesky.

• ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd says a school (confirmed to him as Oregon) will be hit with major recruiting violations. CollegeFootballTalk says it’s not the Ducks.

• NFL agent Gary Wichard, who found himself at the center of last year UNC investigation, must turn over financial records to NCAA investigators, per a new search warrant.

• Oregon State WR James Rodgers had a second knee surgery. If you’re outside of the west coast, you’ve probably only seen him for a second and a half, and unfortunately, that may be all you get.

• CBS’s Dennis Dodd profiles Oklahoma and Bob Stoops. Sorry, did that deserve “BREAKING” before it? I can never tell.

• ESPN‘s bloggers issue five (and only five) questions about the ACC, Big 12, and Pac-12 springs, respectively. But it’d be better if it was disrespectively.

Former B1G Ten players participated in the NFL Scouting Combine. Here is a collection of numbers.

• ESPN’s Chris Low contends that SEC players in the Combine were fast. Low also comes to the defense of Nick Fairley. FINALLY!

• Fox Sports reviews the top 12 offseason QB battles. Information!

• Conference USA appears to be the prettiest girl at this week’s TV Rights Dance.

• Yahoo!!!!!’s Dr. Saturday profiles Iowa RB Marcus Coker and also, reviews names to learn this spring.

• Rivals’s Tom Dienhart tries to make his way back into your heart by creating conference all-star staffs. I see no listing for a Steele, Lexington re: all-star staffs.

He also profiles Mississippi State and West Coast Kevin’s boy, Chris Relf.

• Paul Finebaum is photoshopped into Ghost molding the Nick Saban statue. Boom.


Today’s Video of the Day is a dubbed Two a Half Men / Charlie Sheen interview mash-up.


Enjoy your Wednesday.

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