Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Ronnie from Jersey Shore. I assume he’s pro Monmouth in the budding QB mixtape feud.


• Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville received a raise of $500,000 — an upsetting detail to the school’s faculty members, who recently were forced to take pay cuts. And agree to comb Tuberville’s fine silver hair once a week. Excessive.

•’s Stewart Mandel speaks with former current UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel.

• CBS’s Bryan Fischer has a primer for Stanford’s spring. It purports that QB Andrew Luck is competent. I’m taking a wait-and-see approach.

• Monmouth QB Alex Tanney put together his own trick throw mixtape and claims to be better than UConn QB Johnny McEntee. Can’t we settle this like the American Gladiators would — on an elaborate TV set? C’mon, like CBS College Sports doesn’t have a 30 minute block to fill at some point…

The NCAA will try to understand “recruiting.” And not a moment too soon!

Former Oklahoma RB and subject of “The Best There Never Was” Marcus Dupree is now a wrassler. This can only end well.

• SB Nation’s Andy Hutchins is slowly releasing his Top 25. The good news? Central Florida is still Central Florida.

• ESPN’s Chris Low previews the SEC East and the SEC West. And then Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never 3D. Snaps!!

• ESPN’s Ted Miller explains the home field tiebreaker for the new Pac-12 championship game. It’s exactly how you imagined it to be, unless you made the leap that I did, and imagined an elaborate lingerie game to settle it. <—Perv.

Miller also profiles new Colorado coach Jon Embree, who is “Colorado to the core.” I know this because the profile includes a picture of Embree standing in front of mountains. To the core!

• Georgia QB Aaron Murray suffered a minor ankle injury that will almost assuredly not affect his playing career at all.

• It’s the offseason, so that can only mean one thing for Penn StateDANCING!!

• Cal may wear white helmets for a game in 2011, just like Stanford always does. Draaaaaama!


Today’s Video of the Day is a baby getting drunk and destroying a bar full of puppets. Because why not, right?


Enjoy your Tuesday.