Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Brooklyn Decker, whose husband is a Nebraska fan. The B1G Ten just got an attractiveness boost!


• The NCAA Rules Committee is recommending new rules. You know now that I think about it, I was having a little too much time watching college football.

• EDSBS’s Spencer Hall helps Jadeveon Clowney pick a school. All class, all the time, that Hall.

• SmartFootball’s Chris Brown looks at red-zone options for pass first, airraid offenses. Smart.

• ESPN’s Ted Miller gets a Colorado primer from ESPN’s David Ubben. Writing “Colorado primer” makes me think it’s either a crazy sexual act or the best sandwich nobody’s heard of.

• ESPN’s Ubben also speaks with Big 12 (10) commissioner Dan Beebe. He never mentions Ty’s sound effect. Weak.

•’s Andy Staples writes that high school football 7on7 camps and tournaments are inching closer and closer to basketball’s AAU system. But with pink socks.

• SportsbyBrooks reviews Alabama LB/asst head coach Sal Sunseri‘s recruiting techniques.

KTBS (Shreveport) reporter Rick Rowe produced a four-part special on the recruitment of DE prospect Jermauria Rasco (featuring Sunseri).

• Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt definitely doesn’t oversign recruiting classes. Oh wait, I wrote that sentence incorrectly. Can YOU figure out where?

Unless he gets PAID to play baseball, Nebraska QB signee Bubba Starling plans to play football. Sounds about right.

A caller to Paul Finebaum‘s radio show was having a heart attack while he called. Probably over Kenneth Cole’s spring line.


Today’s Video of the Day is a nine year old from Tanzania recapping “Commando.” Only way it should be.


Enjoy your Friday.