Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Kansas alum Rob Riggle, who I imagine is excited for long lost brother Bret Bielema’s hefty pay increase at Wisconsin. They look very similar … in the faaaaaace!!! Somewhat.


• The Senior Bowl happened. If you missed, here’s a recap to remind you why it was worth missing.

All the Iowa players hospitalized for rhabdomyolysis treatment have now been released. Safe and speedy, etc.

• Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema officially got paid. Goofy Bielema Smile!!

• Pore over the up-to-the-hour recruiting updates on Bryan Fischer’s CBS blog. Today’s was co-written by CBS’s Charlie Sheen — the college football information is accurate, but the hookers are gratuitous, and frankly, a bit clichéd by now.

Top Nebraska QB recruit Bubba Starling also happens to be Baseball America’s number one high school baseball prospect, which will ultimately mean he has to make a decision. You know what’s better than not being guaranteed a million guaranteed dollars? A million dollars.

• With Wednesday’s Signing Day fast approaching, ESPN’s Bryan Bennett addresses the recruiting needs of Notre Dame and the Big East. He somehow failed to mention the need for the conference to recruit “college football fans.”

• ESPN’s Heather Dinich looks at the past recruiting evaluations of the All-ACC team. It makes it hard to tell if ACC coaches are terrible OL recruiters or all have amazing OL coaches. I don’t know if I care enough to research any further.

• ESPN’s Jamie Newberg examines the SEC recruiting haul ahead of signing day. He even includes everyone’s cap numbers. Thorough.

• Clemson LB Brandon Maye up and left the Tigers. After finding a graduate program not offered at Clemson, he’ll play his senior year in 2011 elsewhere. All signs point to him being a hell of a park ranger wherever he goes.

• Fox Sports’s Adam Caplan reviews the QBs from Saturday’s Senior Bowl. And Jake Locker. (I keeeeedd!!!)

• SB Nation’s Spencer Hall looks at Texas‘s recruiting success in the midst of the school’s coaching attrition. Spoiler: The success is still successful.

Top USC recruit DeAnthony Thomas visited Oregon on the sly this past weekend and may have changed his pledge from the Trojans to the Ducks. This is a neutral sentence about me being impartial about this news story.

Did new Indiana coach Kevin WIlson yell at dorm RAs for ignoring him? Yes, yes he did.

• won’t officially report a commitment until a letter of intent is signed. Thanks, Seantrel.


Today’s Video of the Day is Washington Wizards fans dunking poorly attempting layups. And then not.


Enjoy your Monday.