Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Mila Kunis, who was NOT nominated for an Academy Award this morning. This is clearly the next best thing.


• Utah State and San Jose State may or may not be joining the Mountain West. Game changer.

Former USC RB Stafon Johnson is suing USC for being negligent at the time of his weightlifting neck/throat injury. In situations like these, nobody really wins. Oh, except the lawyers, they definitely do. Fight on!!

• SEC coaches oversign. We know this.’s Andy Staples isn’t a fan of the fake NCAA bylaw that fails to prevent this from continuing.

• ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg reviews recruiting needs for both the Leaders and the Legends divisions of the Big 10, and yes, I hate myself already for casually writing “Legends” and “Leaders.”

A UConn donor hates the Huskies’ athletic director and wants his millions back. I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work like that.

•’s Andrew Perloff drops a good ol’ fashioned mock draft. Blaine Gabbert is #1 on his board (and Cam Newton 10th), which means “only ran out of the shotgun” is officially dead as a fake QB criticism.


Today’s Video of the Day is, in honor of the ongoing Australian Open, a collection of unfortunate racquet and net bloopers. Nobody’s balls are safe.


Enjoy your Tuesday.