Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Lance Armstrong — (alleged) doping cyclist, (former) Kate Hudson chauffeur, and (current) fan of the Texas Longhorns and, presumably, their new network.


• The University of Texas and ESPN will team up for some sort of 20 yr/$300m network. I don’t know you fill all that airtime around one school, but I think we can all agree the world will be a better place if ladychaps make it to air.

Former Florida DB Will Hill is excellent at Twitter.

• Michigan has added Baltimore Ravens DC Greg Mattison to its staff in the same capacity. Always smart to jump on a low-bar opportunity.

• Pitt coach Todd Graham is filling out his staff with multiple former Michigan coaches. The newest is TE coach Todd Dews. Yep, It’s that kind of Wednesday.

• ESPN’s Ted Miller has the latest in a “soap opera” involving a below average LA college football program. Which one, you ask? Click and find out!

•’s Andy Staples wrote an All-Name column, revealing God’s Power Offer to the world. About time.

All five suspended Ohio State players will be back in 2011. The Capital One Bowl is PUMPED.

• The Wiz has his ten favorite “classless” moments of the year.


Today’s Video of the Day is fighter planes doing fighter plane stuff. Bew bew!!


Enjoy your Wednesday.