Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Mila Kunis. The Hawaii bowl is this week, so this picture seems appropriate. It appears that she briefly attended UCLA, but she’s mainly here because, well, she’s Mila Kunis.


• At this point isn’t it more of story when the teams going to the Las Vegas Bowl don’t brawl?

• Notre Dame QB Dayne Crist “isn’t going anywhere.” Of course not, he has the knees of an 86 year old.

• BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall wasn’t thrilled with the BYU offense this season, and thus, the offensive coaching staff will soon become the former offensive coaching staff.

• Want to sound moderately informed when somebody asks you about tonight’s Beef ‘O’ Brady’s St. Petersberg Bowl? Really? That’s kind of a weird thing to pride yourself on, but if so, read what ESPN’s Brian Bennett and Andrea Adelson have to say.

• Alabama coach Nick Saban is telling his best juniors to think twice about the NFL Draft. There he goes again, that Saban, looking out for the best interest of others without a single speck of selfishness to be found.

• ESPN’s Pat Forde lays out his bowl picks, making it quite simple to win a lot of money by going against his blind stabs supported with limited useful reason.

• Yahoo!!!!!! lists their top 10 college football stories of the year. Les Miles‘s name doesn’t appear once, proving that this list is completely fraudulent.


Today’s Video of the Day is Conan spending time with Hunter S. Thompson on Conan’s old show. It’s as good as you think it is.


Enjoy your Tuesday Beef ‘O’ Brady’s.