Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Legends of the Hidden Temple, a show that obviously foretold Big Ten happenings years into the future. Spooky.


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• LSU discovered some LSU violations and have punished themselves. Raise your hand if you thought nonsensical offensive playcalling was an actual violation. Who knew?

• ESPN’s Andrea Adelson tells you all you need to know about this weekend’s bowl action — New Mexico, New Orleans, and the uSomething Humanitarian.

There may be upwards of … wait for it … thousands of people attending the New Mexico Bowl.

The Big Ten may be willing to take back that whole “Legends” and “Leaders” thing. And I suppose we’re all just supposed to pretend that this magical week never happened, right? Psh.

Former Tennessee freshman All-American OT Aaron Douglas will play at Alabama in 2011. And just like that, Alabama FINALLY catches a break on the recruiting trail.

• West Virginia AD Oliver Luck likes head coach Bill Stewart but he doesn’t like like him.

• Rutgers DT Eric LeGrand, who was paralyzed in an October game, now has some feeling in his hands. This is outstanding.

• SB Nation kindly asks that you sidle up to the Week 1 Bowl Buffet.

• BCS Director Bill Hancock doesn’t see Mark Cuban ending the BCS.’s Andy Staples thinks Cuban is on the right track.


Today’s Video of the Day honors tomorrow’s New Mexico Bowl by celebrating the legacy of college football coverage in the “Land of Enchantment” by honoring Rob Stone’s classic descent into pepper hell.


Enjoy your Friday + Bowl Weekend.