Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Sienna Miller, noted Pittsburgh non-fan. She’s yet to comment on the Mike Haywood hire.


• Pitt has hired former Miami (OH) coach Mike Haywood to be their next coach. A ticker tape parade is somehow yet to be announced.

To take down the BCS, Mark Cuban wants to personally fund a college football playoff. And he went to Indiana, a school that doesn’t even have a football program!!

• ESPN’s CFB bloggers examine what specifically happened to bad teams that led them to a bowl-less winter. It’s the feel-good series of the holiday season.

•’s Andy Staples, in comparing Cam Newton‘s case to Mississippi State basketball player Renardo Sidney, implies the NCAA may be hypocritical. Also, if you look closely at the column, Staples secretly inserts a killer dry rub recipe in code.

•’s Stewart Mandel ranks the seasons of the past 26 Heisman winners. Eric Crouch is pretty much dead to him.

• UConn fans aren’t buying Fiesta Bowl tickets.

Did you find the secret inconsistency in that last sentence? If you said, “There are no UConn fans,” you’re correct!!

Here’s your breakdown of which conference’s referees will be calling which bowl games. I apologize in advance on behalf of the west coast for whatever happens in the Fiesta Bowl.


Today’s Video of the Day is Grandmama. I miss grandmama.


Enjoy your Thursday.