Today’s college town restaurant/bar recommendations takes us to Raleigh, NC courtesy of Verballer Dave (from Carter-Finley). He also recommends you check out a rundown of all ACC food here. As always feel free to add anything he may have missed by emailing us at [email protected]


Village Deli – My favorite place of all time to eat a sandwich.  Every time and I mean every time I make a trip up to Raleigh it includes a stop at Village Deli.  If I go to Raleigh without my wife and don’t bring her back a Turkey Bacon Club then she is pissed at me for days.  The sandwiches are great, the atmosphere is very friendly, and it’s right around the corner from campus.

Mitch’s Tavern – Don’t know if I’ve ever actually ordered any food here other than appetizers, but that’s not why you go to Mitch’s.  It has a laid back chill environment that is great for meeting up with friends for a few drinks.  It is on Hillsborough Street, the main street through campus, and famous because the bar scene from Bull Durham was filmed there.

Amedeo’s – The atmosphere can best be described as a Wolfpacker’s Heaven as there are unique themes honoring past players, teams, and coaches with nostalgic photos and memorabilia everywhere.  On top of that the food is pretty good.  The pizza is outstanding and the lasagna is as good as it gets.  A Wolfpack tradition that’s just down the street from campus.

Snoopy’s – It’s basically a take-out hot dog stand where you walk up, give your order, then eat in your car. But the hot dogs are scrumptious and the crinkle cut fries they make are absolutely the best in the world.  It’s cheap and right down the street from campus.

The Roast Grill – Another more famous hot dog joint (Man v. Food filmed an episode there), but I’ve never actually ate there so I can’t give it an accurate assessment.  It is one of Zach Galifianakis’ favorite places to eat when he’s in Raleigh so that has to count for something right?

Players’ Retreat – This has always been a favorite hangout for State students, but it’s changed a lot from when I was in school and now it attracts everybody.  The food is very high quality, the atmosphere is great, it’s right by campus, and the vast drink selections make it all the better.


As always, send in anything you think we may have missed or send in places from your own college town to [email protected]