Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Bill Cosby, who received a gold medal from something called the National Football Foundation for playing briefly for Temple 50 years ago. No word on how upset he may or may not be about the Owls getting jobbed out of a bowl. Jobbed I say!


• Dave Wannstedt and ‘stache are done coaching at Pitt (but both stay on in a non-coaching role within the athletic department). It’s unclear if it’s termination, resignation, or retirement, but he’s done. And so is star WR Jonathan Baldwin, who declared for the NFL Draft. Offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti takes over and, depending on which stats are important to you, has led offenses at both Pitt and Cal to offensive seasons that fall between average and below average.

• Iowa WR Derrell Johnson-Koulianos is a full-on drug enthusiast. Say goodbye to DJK.

I don’t know Boise State president Bob Kustra, but I like the fact that he’s willing to go the extra mile to start a feud.

Speaking of which, Boise State OC Bryan Harsin is being looked at to run Texas’s offense. Perfect, now they just need to start recruiting players who care about “effort.”

• SB Nation’s Spencer Hall reviews some of the bowl announcer pairings. He compares Matt Millen to an inexperienced oboe player and it made sense at the time.

• ESPN’s CFB bloggers have final conference overviews. It’s essentially them saying the same things they’ve been saying (a good thing) all season long, but now they just, uh, do it again.

• USC may buy its own stadium. In typical LA Coliseum fashion, news on this has been pretty quiet so far.

This week’s split-SI cover. I don’t know the actual ramifications of a double-jinx, I just know that somebody owes me Coke (a-Cola, DJK).

• Oregon WR D.J. Davis honored late Notre Dame video operator Declan Sullivan last Friday.

• Rivals has All-American teams. Even though Auburn DT Nick Fairley was awarded first team honors, he still suplexed the majority of the Rivals editorial staff. Just because.


Today’s Video of the Day is a Ford Fiesta driven by professional driver Ken Block. I’m worried about the integrity of the tires.


Enjoy your Wednesday.