Today’s Chorus is brought to you by former Bucknell student Kevin Bacon. He seems like an intense guy — no way is he happy about the 1-11 season the Bison suffered through, BUT they did lose to Lafayette, so naturally, I’m fine with it.


• Arizona kicker Alex Zendejas had two extra points blocked by Arizona State DE James Brooks — one to win it in regulation and one to tie it in double OT. The Wildcats lost and Mike Stoops‘s head is still yet to be recovered.

• Chip Brown of is saying Texas OC Greg Davis will “be replaced.” The nation awaits with bated breath for a new coordinator to find new ways for QB Garrett Gilbert to throw passes into triple coverage.

• NCAA president Mark Emmert defends the Cam Newton decision. It would’ve been much easier if Emmert simply asked, “Hey, what’s that behind you?” and then took off.

• Jim Delaney and Larry Scott, commissioners of the Big 10 and Pac 10, respectively, aren’t thrilled with the Cam Newton ruling. Cam Newton, meanwhile, may be pleased with the ruling, but I assume he’s too busy studying a soon-to-be-vacated gameplan.

Though he injured his knee against Oklahoma State, Oklahoma RB DeMarco Murray will play tomorrow against Nebraska.

Whichever team loses the ACC championship game will play in the Chick-fil-A Bowl. So there’s that.

• Syracuse will be playing in the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium. Derek Jeter is expected to attend … to the needs of Minka Kelly on some tropical island somewhere.

• Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez played some Josh Groban for the departing seniors at the team banquet last night while pleading for his job. Yep.

• Former Colorado coach Dan Hawkins got a couple mil’ for his troubles (to not coach the Buffs). That’ll do.

• Jon Embree, former Colorado player/coach and current Washington Redskins tight ends coach, has been offered the Colorado head coaching job. Unless he hasn’t been. But he probably has been.

• New Mexico coach Mike Locksley will, due to the always-inspirational situation of his bosses not wanting to buy him out, be back next year.

• Oregon State will be wearing throwback uniforms tomorrow that are, well, kinda awesome.

•’s George Schroeder (SVBFF) profiles Oregon QB Darron Thomas. What? Like I wasn’t going to link this?

• The Wiz flips through the notebooks of reporters across the country.

The latest lines for this week’s games. What’s a guy gotta do to lay some paper on Bethune Cookman?


Today’s Video of the Day is of Kevin Bacon’s biggest fan, Kevin Bacon. Hey, sometimes you just gotta cut loose.


Enjoy your Friday + (your last) College Football Saturday.