Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Anne Hathaway. She’s in a new movie (allegedly nekkid) that got bad reviews, is apparently hosting an awards show that nobody watches anymore (Because she’s funny! Really!), and received a completely fraudulent Vassar education (another school without a football program). Still, she seems attractive.


• The NCAA, if you can believe it, swiftly declared Cam Newton eligible shortly after Auburn declared him ineligible (pending an NCAA decision). In a statement, the NCAA said, “Screw it, he can play!!”’s Andy Staples explains how the Cam Newton case has thrown the spotlight on a giant eligibility loophole. Middle men (and women) rejoice!!

Fanhouse’s Clay Travis spoke with SEC commissioner Mike Slive.

Yahoo!!!!!!’s Dan Wetzel chatted with longtime college basketball, uh, power person Sonny Vaccaro about Cam Newton. Vaccaro: “That’s the most amazing thing I’ve heard in over four decades of being around college and high school sports.”

SportsbyBrooks, as always, does a great job of analyzing the revelations.

• In more important news, Utah is going to the MAACO Las Vegas Bowl. The bowl is also apparently shooting for Boise State. A round of cheap car paint for everyone!!

• Colorado interviewed Alabama OC Jim McElwain for its open head coaching job. It may just be enough that he can lead a team to a 24-7 lead.

• BYU‘s going bowling in New Mexico. And they’re happy to do it. Polite arguments over red and green chiles loom.

Just to be clear, Mike Leach would be perfectly happy accepting the Minnesota job.

• Nike founder Phil Knight is quite pleased with the Oregon football team. Dun dun DUNNNNNNNN!!

Admissions of jackassery are always welcome here. Today’s edition: Ohio State president Elwood Gordon Gee.

• LSU coach Les Miles isn’t saying much about OC Gary Crowton’s status for next season. Tough when your mouth is full of fresh mower trimmings.

• ESPN’s CFB bloggers demand you watch for certain things and predict some outcomes. If you read these items closely, look for one link on one of these pages that links to the filthiest pornography you’ll ever see.

• Yahoo!!!!!!’s Tom Dienhart looks at whether title games are good, bad, or ugly. You see what I did there? Boosh.


Today’s Video of the Day is the story of Moe Norman, the greatest golfer I’ve never heard of, as told by a Scottish bartender.


Enjoy your Thursday.