Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Clemson alumnus and new Entertainment Tonight host Nancy O’Dell. There’s no way she’s happy about the way Kyle Parker’s season turned out, but she’ll be excited to learn that I saw her a few years ago at an outdoor mall and she was very perdy.


• Boise State kicker Kyle Brotzman is getting harassed by Bronco fans. Good to know people are taking time out of their day to try to make a guy feel worse about something that’s going to haunt him forever. I’m fine with the offenders being forced to watch Chris Peterson sign a gigantic contract with Michigan on a 110″ TV on an endless loop.

Or perhaps I’ve said too much.

(But kudos to these people)

• Nebraska may play two quarterbacks against Oklahoma on Saturday. And if neither of them are a healthy Taylor Martinez, it’s not going to be so good.

Ahead of Saturday’s SEC championship game, South Carolina QB Stephen Garcia is dinged up to the point that the game can’t currently be wagered on.

• EDSBS’s Doug Gillett grades this week’s championship games in this week’s CFB Buyer’s Guide.

Could Temple coach Al Golden be the next coach at Vanderbilt? The Tennesseean seems to think that he maybe kinda sorta is being considered.

• Clemson QB Kyle Parker is pretty much dunzo***.

***Copyright: Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County.

This year’s All-Big Ten teams were announced. Yeah, I know, I spit out my coffee too.

• ESPN’s Ted Miller calmly explains why Stanford is better than you think they are. I happen to agree, but Ted left out the jam-packed stadium and hordes of attractive females. Oh wait.

• Alabama fired the employees responsible for playing “Son of a Preacher Man” and “Take the Money and Run” before the Auburn game (for Cam Newton). The good news, of course, is Alabama has never and will never be caught paying for recruits. Never ever ever.

Is there a single person responsible for the continued growth and presence of the BCS? Brooks from, you guessed it, SportsbyBrooks says indeed there is.


Today’s Video of the Day ESPN’s Erin Andrews giving you a tour of the Gameday bus. I thought Corso’s sex swings were unnecessary, but hey, you can’t judge. (via Hot Clicks)


Enjoy your Tuesday.