We’ve talked about doing this for a little while, so I decided to write something up and get the ball rolling. Since people are traveling to road games and curious about seeing and going to college games in new college towns for them, we decided to put together some recommendations of where to eat when you’re on the road. We encourage you to send in any and all recommendations ([email protected]), this should be a community effort — think of it as a WikiCollegeFood-edia of sorts. If you’re so inclined, send in five or six places (near campus or where people would stay) with short descriptions and corresponding web sites, and hopefully, we’ll get an awesome library going. That’s the goal. Here’s my Eugene entry — feel free to add, Oregon fans:


Glenwood Cafe – Great breakfasts/comfort food in a converted house a block from the bookstore/campus. Be prepared to wait, but the grilled cheese and tomato soup is worth it.

Newman’s – Your basic fish market with a small, but delicious selection of battered fish (or shrimp) and chips, as well as chowder. Two locations in Eugene, the one on Coburg is newer and closer to Autzen Stadium, the original is smaller and downtown.

Beppe and Gianni’s – Upscale-ish Italian in (again) a converted house, this one found at the southeast corner of campus, a few blocks down from the legendary Hayward Field and the Knight Law School.

Rennies Landing – The best bar and bar food that can be found across the street from campus. Good selection of beers, good prices (especially for those of us from bigger cities), and some nice rooftop seating.

*Taylor’s is the alternative (and across the street), but the confines are tighter, and is more for the jock/frat/sorority crowd, so if you dare, bring your penicillin.

Sixth St Grill – If you’re staying downtown or near downtown, this is a good option as a place that’s not necessarily too stuffy, but still a solid place to get a piece of meat or fish, as well as sandwiches and salads.

Prince Pucklers – Homemade ice cream also on the southeast corner of campus.

Pegasus Pizza – Some will recommend Tracktown Pizza for its school ties, but this place is right off campus, has a ton of beer, and the pizza (while a little more) is better.

Food CartsAlong 13th and Kincaid (next to bookstore), various carts set up at various times. Linked is a guide to them.

Dutch Bros. Coffee Located throughout the northwest, Dutch Bros. is a drive-thru coffee shack with cute girls serving good coffee with a wink and a smile. Yes, please.

**And from Verballer Jesse (with an affinity for Chinese)**

Lok Yuan– Incredibly inexpensive Chinese. $5-7/plate in West Eugene.

Ring of Fire– Like PF Chang’s, but worth the $15 (and local). In West Eugene.

Sweet Life Bakery– Any dessert you want, reasonable price. Downtown.


To add to the Eugene list or submit places (and descriptions/sites) for your town, email us at [email protected]