Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Brooklyn Decker, the wife of Nebraska fan Andy Roddick. She probably doesn’t have an opinion of angry Pelinis or Texas A&M ball-grabbin’, but she’s, uh, sorry, I lost my train of thought.


• Nebraska coach Bo Pelini was and probably still is steaming mad at everyone involved in Saturday’s loss at Texas A&M. And according to CBS Sports’s Dennis Dodd, the guy who has a problem with everyone probably has some problems himself. I swear I came to this same life lesson while watching “The Hills” three years ago. Let’s continue.

Despite rumors to the contrary, ESPN’s Joe Schad reports Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez is still a Cornhusker. Hard to tell if Bo Pelini is happy about this. And in other news, defensive coordinator Carl Pelini no likey shiny camera.

On top of all of that, their boss isn’t happy with either of them, and TE Ben Cotton got flagged for just wanting his balls back.

• Notre Dame LB Manti Te’o will play against USC this weekend with a busted honker. Until I see otherwise, I’ll just assume he got Marcia Brady’d.

• USC coach Lane Kiffin is “extremely hopeful” that QB Matt Barkley can play against Notre Dame with a high ankle sprain (X-rays showed no bone breaks). And just for kicks, Kiffin joked about how much of a disaster it would be to start some poor walk-on guy. HA, stupid walk-on, working hard and trying to earn a scholarship. LAME!!

Former Oregon coach and current ESPN broadcaster Mike Bellotti withdrew his name from the Colorado coaching search. And in no way is it about the money or them looking in a different direction and him saving face. Couldn’t possibly be either of those two completely true reasons.

• ESPN’s CFB bloggers issue some conference race updates, bowl projections, and power rankings. And then they break down last night’s AMAs. Not a surprise — Big East blogger Brian Bennett is NOT happy with Ke$ha.

• UCLA QB Richard Brehaut should be able to practice today after suffering from concussion-like symptoms during last Thursday’s Washington game. Because really, the right thing to do would be to rush a scrambled brain back to the field for your meaningless final games. Bra-Vo.

• In case you missed it, Illinois RB Mikel LeShoure went for 300 against Northwestern at Wrigley Field. And folks, Dan Persa doesn’t play defense.

• Stanford QB Andrew Luck wants no part of your tackling efforts. Muahahaha.

•’s Stewart Mandel peers over the TCU/Boise State fence in his newest College Football Overtime column and looks at the other teams that are in line to the ol’ BCS screwjob. Essentially it’s one long implied middle finger at the Big East.

• USC RB Dillon Baxter was ruled ineligible by USC after riding around in a golf cart with an agent that USC had already told not to give rides to players. And now, there definitely isn’t a group of pictures of other USC players at a party thrown by that agent. Definitely not.

• EDSBS’s Holly Anderson (Peete) gives out stickers because stickers are cool. Everyone knows that.

• Oregon State fans are camping out to buy Civil War tickets. It’s hard to tell how bothersome the 28,782 fans (that show up) really can get for a big game, but I’d guess if they filled the stadium to its 45,000+ capacity, it’ll at least be a touch inconvenient for a spell.

• Yahoo!!!!!!!!’s Tom Dienhart gives out Week 12 awards. Right now, Dienhart gets my award for best Week 12 awards column. So meta.


Today’s Video of the Day is a Thanksgiving alternative that absolutely nobody should ever try. Or everyone. I keep going back and forth.


Enjoy your Monday.