Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Idaho governor Butch Otter, who, and it wouldn’t surprise you given the antics of the two most notable football teams in his state, ascended to his current position by simply targeting his opponents and then leading with his helmet. Politics as usual.


Ty wrote his “Thursday Proverbs” column. Read it here and read it NOW. Or, depending on the speed of your Internet connection, a few seconds from now.

• Fox Sports acquired the rights to the first six Big Ten title games. It sounds like win-win — the game and league get the exposure of network TV and viewers get The Best Damn Title Game, complete with a broadcast duo (typically) unfamiliar with calling a college game, and some sort of dancing cartoon representative. We Are. Fox Sports!

• CBS Sports’s Dennis Dodd writes about Cam Newton and the Heisman. Because there’s nothing else to talk about in college football. To be fair, though, it’s both preachy and stale.

Somebody named “blueTunaTiger” writes thousands of unsupported, unverified words on an LSU message board theorizing on a possible Cam Newton conspiracy theory. As soon as CBS Sports updates the Week 6 fantasy numbers, I’d be fine with them running this.

• Colorado and former Colorado coach Bill McCartney have made contact with each other. Aw, how cute.

• Oregon DB Cliff Harris chose the Ducks because they wear green, and “money be green.” That’s some unassailable logic — I got nothing.

According to a Cal blogger, Stanford QB Andrew Luck is excellent at college football. I’m actually a bit surprised the writer went through with the blog post and didn’t fake a finger cramp to get out of it.

• ESPN’s CFB Bloggers tell you and me what to watch this weekend. All reasonable requests until SEC blogger Chris Low vouched for a “Teen Mom” marathon.

And like every other week, they also make predictions.

For those of you reading this in the 70+ demo, ESPN’s Ivan Maisel remembers a simpler time for Army-Notre Dame at Yankee Stadium. So smoke your Lucky Strikes, fire up your Glenn Miller album, and read it on your magic, futuristic computer doohickeys.

•’s Stewart Mandel has a new mailbag. If I had recited that sentence out loud and you couldn’t read the word “mail,” it could’ve meant something quite different. And it would’ve been a medical breakthrough.

A booster and failed banker oversees Auburn’s athletic budget. Good to know.

• Idaho S Shiloh (Shiloh!) Keo tried to decapitate back-up Boise State QB Mike Coughlin and has been suspended for the first half of the Vandals’ game against Utah State.

A potential NFL lockout will influence Georgia WR A.J. Green‘s early entry decision. “Me too,” Florida QB John Brantley added. “Me too.”

But sadly, there is no joy in Gainesville, mighty Addazio has struck out.


Today’s Video of the Day is the trailer for “Cowboys vs Aliens.” You might not even need to watch the trailer to get the gist of it, but since it appears that a lot of money and big names were poured into this, it’s probably worth your two and a half minutes.


Enjoy your Thursday.