Today’s Chorus is brought to you by James Lipton, host of Inside the Actor’s Studio. I couldn’t locate where/if he attended college, but I’ve actually become pretty excited about the upcoming appearance of Cal’s defensive line on his show. ACTING!!


• Florida coach Urban Meyer expects Steve Addazio to remain in place as the Gators’ offensive coordinator next season. And yes, that’s good news for Gator fans who can’t stand to see supremely fast athletes getting the football in space. That would be the final frontier.

• Wisconsin coach Brett Bielema is going to keep on scoring and it’s pretty clear he doesn’t care what you or Dickie V think. Fine by me.

• Penn State RB Silas Redd was cited for disorderly conduct at 4:13 am, a fancy way of saying he was taking a leak in public. Since Ty blessed Redd as his favorite NIttany Lion RB this week, I think we can conclude that the Hildenbrandt Reverse Jinx is alive and well.

• SB*Nation’s Spencer Hall spoke with ESPN’s Rece Davis about Rece Davis-type topics.

• EDSBS’s Holly Anderson (Peete) gives out some rad stickers to college football names. Even Dan Hawkins (who was actually AT Saturday’s Colorado game) gets in on the action.

• Washington QB Jake Locker “expects” to play against UCLA Thursday night. Adjust your Thursday accordingly. And watch a new episode of The Office or something. Man, Archer needs to come back like yesterday.

• Boston College’s Luke Kuechly is an outstanding LB, but since he doesn’t play for TCU or Oregon or Auburn and he couldn’t personally jump somebody in the BCS rankings, he doesn’t matter. La-la-la I can’t heeeeaaaarrrr youuuuuu.

Ok, Yahoo!!!!!!!! also thinks he matters.

• Fanhouse’s Clay Travis thoroughly explains why Auburn QB Cam Newton will 100% be ineligible. Finally, SOMEBODY starts writing about the SEC.

• Staying on Clay, Wisconsin RB John Clay may sit this week (@ Michigan) after missing last week’s Indiana game. This changes nothing.

• Utah, once thought to be a legitimate top 10 team, embarrassed itself and hurt TCU with its loss to Notre Dame. That’s right, Mountain West Conference credibility has been hurt because of a loss to a depressing team like Notre Dame.

• A predominantly SEC-centric writer and a non-AQ writer predict bowl matchups. Penn StateFlorida could theoretically happen, which would ultimately require a Spencer Hall/Ty Hildenbrandt live play predictor showdown.

• Cal defensive linemen are prone to spontaneous cramps. And below-average acting. Cal Football: We may not win, but we’ll go down acting like toddlers.


Today’s Video of the Day is the definitive lesson on catching wild turtles in Kentucky. I defy you to do better.


Enjoy your Tuesday.