Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Chris Farley (Marquette ’86), who is WAY funnier than Nick Fairley. He also wears little coats in a much more convincing fashion.


• Auburn pulled away late from Georgia to remain undefeated. Both The Wiz and SportsbyBrooks have irrefutable video evidence that Auburn DT Nick Fairley would be satisfied if and only if Aaron Murray was unable to walk until scientific advancements allowed him to do so. Oh and his drive to injure only kicked in when Murray was far out of the play and defenseless.

• Georgia coach Mark Richt will not be the next Colorado coach. Or maybe he will, who knows.

Three Southern Miss players were shot in a nightclub and subsequently hospitalized. They remain in fair condition.

• TCU offensive line coach Eddie Williamson suffered a heart attack in the first quarter of Saturday’s game against San Diego State. Actually, while we’re at it, will somebody check on Prolate Spheroid Sam?

• Due to concerns over head injuries, Texas RB Tre’ Newton has decided to give up football. Probably the smartest move he’ll ever make. Godspeed.

Boise State MLB Byron Hout is out for the remainder of the year after breaking a foot against Idaho.

• Illinois plays Northwestern at Wrigley Field this week. It’s a game the BCS would rather you not care about, as it’ll be interesting to watch just because it’ll be interesting to watch. Here’s what one of the end zones looks like. Deliberate human injury seems so likely that it’s already been nicknamed “The Nick Fairley Side.”

• ESPN’s CFB bloggers have conference race updates. Not too interesting, but we’re throwing our support behind Syracuse in the Big East. Not that we can actually see the games, but we’re all in on Doug Marrone. So in the spirit of Ty’s recent reverse jinx success … Go Pitt!

Oh, and there’s also power rankings, which aren’t nearly as cool as our soon-to-be-created Thunderskull Rankings. Which would you rather read? Exactly.

•’s Stewart Mandel has a new College Football Overtime. You probably thought you were just getting Regulation Mandel, and then, WHAM, overtime!!

• The AP’s Ralph Russo is exhausted by the BCS. Perhaps the column of the weekend.


Today’s Video of the Day is a collection of inspirational speeches from movies. It’s only two minutes long, but whoever’s in the next cubicle over is DONE.


Enjoy your Monday.