Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Chris Carrabba, aka Dashboard Confessional, aka guy who attended Florida Atlantic. The Owls play Florida next year, which is actually not very emo at all. Let us all celebrate the fact that Howard Schnellenberger and Chris Carrabba are associated with the same institution.


• Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez expects himself to be 100% for Kansas on Saturday. He then added, “But 44% would do the trick, it’s Kansas, right?” Ohnohedinnnnt. No, he didn’t.

• The University of Texas regents gave their OK to the future Texas-centric TV network. I’m pretty excited to never, ever watch this unless absolutely forced to. Wouldn’t it have been easier just to call it CBS College Sports Southwest?

• Mississippi State contacted the SEC regarding the recruitment of Cam Newton back in January. “Ruh roh!!” That’s me as Scooby Doo reacting. Why? I have no idea.

• Colorado interim coach Brian Cabral speaks. It’s much easier to coach a football team that way.

Next year, Florida will play Florida Atlantic, UAB, and Furman. Alabama will play Kent State, North Texas, and Georgia Southern. No decisions have been made yet, but given their salaries, you just KNOW Urban Meyer and Nick Saban will be wearing some beautiful dresses.

• ESPN’s CFB Bloggers tell you what to watch and make game predictions. I looked, and there’s actual text under the headline “What to Watch in the Big East.” Credibility = Gone.

• Oklahoma State OC Dana Holgersen breaks down one of the many plays I’ll be using during my Thanksgiving flag football game. Just gotta figure out how to make it work for limited-contact 4 on 4.

• SB Nation’s Spencer Hall alphabetizes. It’s harder than you think.

•’s Stewart Mandel (SVBFF) projects all of the bowl matchups. I’m calling it right now: this year’s Meineke Car Care Bowl will be the best Meineke Car Care Bowl of the year!!

• Yahoo!!!!!!!’s Dr. Saturday has pictures of Yankee Stadium and Wrigley Field as they prepare to host Notre Dame/Army and Illinois/Northwestern.

• Alabama RB Trent Richardson is a maybe for Mississippi State. So to those of you trying to figure out if he’ll underwhelm with 63 yards or 77 yards, you’ll have to keep on guessing. But he’s totally better than Mark Ingram. Trust me.


Today’s Video of the Day is gameplay of NES’s ExciteBike. I don’t know why, I just remember really liking this game immensely. And then overheating constantly. Grrrrr.


Enjoy your Thursday.