Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Filipino boxer Manny Pacquio, who fights Antonio Margarito this Saturday night. He’s also a former student at Notre Dame of Dadiangas (General Santos City), and readily admits that this may be the all-time low point for Brian Kelly and the program. Also, if you cheat and look down at the Video of the Day and compare the two items to yesterday’s Chorus sponsor, you’ll notice SYNERGY.


• Florida coach Urban Meyer dismissed a notable true freshman safety. Doorknob. Damn, too late.

• CBS Sports’s Tony Barnhart dissects the intricacies of the schedules, philosophies, and status of Boise State, TCU, and Utah. Or it’s just more SEC rhetoric. One of the two.

• EDSBS’s Spencer Hall reviews some of the nation’s defenses, and does so with pictures of Howard Schnellenberger and a Dunlop tire. Just because.

A mutual strength of TCU and Utah, the two Mountain West powers playing each other Saturday, is special teams. Especially since Utah fired noted special teams coach Muffy Muffington.

• Washington QB Jake Locker has a broken rib and will not suit up against Oregon on Saturday.

ESPN’s Ted Miller looks at the rest of the Pac-10 QBs and then points out that Washington is in a “tough spot” without their own starter. It should be noted that Mr. Miller graduated Summa Cum Laude from Obvious State.

• ESPN’s CFB bloggers rewind and fast forward. And then hit the On-Demand button for some private time.

• Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez has a sprained ankle — not a bone bruise as was earlier thought. You can sprain his ankle, but you can’t sprain his freeeeeeedommmmmm!!!! Sorry, it’s early.

An Auburn fan who definitely does not look like a kidnapper covers Paul Simon, but with Cam Newton lyrics. Yep.

The Georgia coaching staff stays classy. Reggie Miller is cool with this.

• Arkansas WR Greg Childs is done for the year after suffering a patella tendon injury.

The ad wizards at ESPN, Holly Anderson (Peete) at SB Nation, and’s Cory McCartney do some Heismaning.

Vanderbilt RB Warren Norman (and valued double first-namer) is out of the year after dislocating his wrist.

If Nebraska safety Courtney Osborne wanted to offer Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert a congratulatory head-butt, he did it the wrong way. Missouri coach Gary Pinkel is a bit perturbed.

• ESPN’s Pat Forde continues to analyze teams and matchups by feel instead of research. He’s like an old, weathered sea captain who’s average at being a sea captain.

• Tennessee QB Tyler Bray is now starting for the Vols. It’s worth noting that the top of his back looks like a dressing room entrance. File that.

Yahoo!!!!!! ranks top 25 players by position.


Today’s Video of the Day is Land of the Lost’s Will Ferrell singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” with Manny Pacquiao on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Nothing more to add.


Enjoy your Tuesday.