Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Will Ferrell, because sometimes it just feels right when somebody as successful and talented as he is, roots for USC and is repeatedly disappointed. I think we’re all just assuming USC’s season is karma for Land of the Lost, anyway.


The new BCS standings have been released. As have the new polls. I’ve got to agree with the coaches here — screw NC State, how dare they beat Florida State, have the same record, and expect to be ranked ahead of them. Totally lame.

CBS Sports’s Dr. Jerry Palm goes deeper to explain what it all meeeeeaaaaannnns.

• CBS Sports’s Dennis Dodd says Texas is past the stage of “laying down.” This makes me think the Dennis Dodd has been actively watching Texas football this season. Kudos.

• Auburn football players love both Halloween, and clearly, their own junk pressed up against tight-fitting clothing.

Yahoo!!!!!!!!’s Dr. Saturday has video.

• Michigan State lost to Iowa. Again and again and again and again.

• Clemson Clemson’d to Boston College. Woops.

• Miami QB Jacory Harris was hit hard at Virginia. You read that correctly.

• ESPN’s CFB bloggers file conference race updates. I was a bit disappointed when I learned that this wasn’t Heather Dinich waxing poetic on how people of different cultural backgrounds are getting along in the coastal states.

The bloggers also offer up their power rankings, which are (***SPOILER***) just plain ol’ rankings.

• Notre Dame QB Dayne Crist tore his patella tendon and will be out for six months following yesterday’s surgical procedure to repair his left knee.

• USC is building a $70 million dollar athletic building. I’m told plenty of construction jobs will be available to many needy, under-developed blue chip prospects.

According to Fox Sports’s Kalani Simpson, Nebraska is back to being Nebraska. It also felt like some old school Kalani Simpson. Kalani’s finally back to being Kalani. Whew.

• The Oregon Duck, Puddles, taught a USC cheerleader how to “Duckie.”

• SB Nation’s Andy Hutchins burrows into some box scores. Unfortunately, you can never unsee whatever it was Washington did on Saturday.

•’s Stewart Mandel had a mental breakdown and finally reveals his enemies list. Ok, maybe that just links to this week’s College Football Overtime column. But maybe it doesn’t.

Week 10 lines are out. Oregon opens at minus “whatever it is, give the points” against Washington.

• The Wiz has week 9 snapshots (via 30fps). I enjoyed Black Redhead Chip Kelly.

• Cal QB Kevin Riley is likely out for the year with a knee injury.

• There’s QB dramaz in Knoxville. Not that it actually matters.

• Virginia Tech will probably win the ACC and nobody seems to care. I just copied that from something I wrote some other year.


Today’s Video of the Day is a guy singing cartoon theme songs on an acoustic guitar. He’s a huge hit with ladies at lame parties who like foreign, gap-toothed, weird facial-haired musicians. Still good.


Enjoy your Monday.