Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Scarlett Johansson, because, well, damnit it just is.


• The latest from Notre Dame regarding the accident with the video assistant. The school has commenced their expected backpedaling.

Fox Sports’s Jason Whitlock thinks the accident should spell Brian Kelly’s exit from the school.

• ESPN has a “Firsthand Account of Life as a College Football Video Coordinator.”

• Michigan State CB Chris Rucker has been reinstated by Spartans coach Mark Dantonio, following a short jail sentence for violating his probation with a DWI. I love that warm, fuzzy feeling I get after reading stories like these.

• Oregon has been quite good this year, but has had some momentary issues on the road. After noticing this, Lane Kiffin immediately pointed out that USC has had issues both on the road AND at home. So there.

• The CFB experts at CBS Sports make their picks for the weekend. No spread, no explanation, just logos. It appears that the only prerequisite for being an “expert” at CBS is having a goatee or being bald, or some sort of combination thereof.

• Matt McGloin will start for Penn State tomorrow. Prediction: We’ll look back on Oct. 30, 2010 as the day Matt McGloin became the greatest college QB in the history of the game.

• ESPN’s team of CFB bloggers go with a Halloween theme while looking at difference conference stories. Just kidding, that’d be crazy lame, right?

• NC State beat Florida State last night in a battle some are calling, “Another Game in Which Two Solid Verbal Coaching Guests Played Each Other.” Pretty accurate if you ask me.

• Something called WhatIf Sports ran hundreds of simulations of tomorrow’s games and posted the results. What does it meeeeeaaannn?

• Remember Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA to those of us in the know)? SB Nation’s Spencer Hall does, and runs some CYOA game with Auburn. <– Click link to continue.

• If 7,294 college football writers write columns this week about USC QB Matt Barkley being overlooked, doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose?’s Stewart Mandel is 7,295.

• Florida WR Chris Rainey has officially been cleared to play against Georgia tomorrow. Time to (run the) dive (for two yards)!

Here’s this week’s regional ABC/ESPN map. If you live in North Dakota, want to see Oregon/USC, and don’t have cable or the Internet, you’re pretty much SOL. Wait, how are you reading this, then? Eerie.

• The NFL Draft-niks are cooling on Washington QB Jake Locker. Looks like they finally got around to watching some game tape from the past few years.

• Missouri plays defense very well. Honest.


Today’s Video of the Day is of bullet-time surfing in Malaysia — or as we like to call it here, Verbacon 2011.


Enjoy your Friday + College Football Saturday.