Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Foot Locker. Why? Because it’s the most successful shoe store ever started by a referee with no hands, that’s why.

And because Florida State plays tonight. That’s also why.


A Notre Dame student/video assistant was tragically killed when the tower he was filming practice from was knocked over by tremendous winds. He posted updates on Twitter beforehand, it’s pretty haunting.

• Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon will be suspended for one game following Monday’s DUI arrest. Because the only real way to send a message that drunkenly driving 92 MPH in the middle of the night is unacceptable on your team is missing three hours of football.

• The Big 12 suspended Nebraska LB Eric Martin for what it perceived to be a helmet to helmet hit against Oklahoma State. Later, after careful review, the Big 12 also decided to suspend most of Boise State‘s secondary.

• Shirts are now available revealing Texas OC Greg Davis’s most secret offensive plays. Rejoice!

• Because successful college football coaches will be far too busy breaking down film to dress up in Halloween costumes this weekend, Michigan Zone imagines the possibilities.

• ESPN Radio announcer Dave LaMont gets a wee bit angry during Saturday’s Florida Atlantic game. And by that, I mean he challenges an entire press box to a fight. Good times.

• ESPN’s team of CFB bloggers demand you watch for certain storylines in Saturday’s games. They then politely predict some outcomes. And finally, they have a pretty big question about some inconsistencies in “The Shattering.”

Interested to see how SB Nation bloggers voted in their own top 25? Didn’t think so. But if so, SB Nation’s Brian Cook makes sense of it.

• UCLA bloggers have raised a fair amount of money for little Bruin fan battling cancer. They’re still looking to raise more money, so if you have a few bucks laying around, help a young fan stay healthy enough to watch as much college football as possible.

• SB Nation’s Avinash Kunnath walks you through the Pac-10 race as it unfolds during the second half of the season. It’s a handy, simple guide to have, since so many of the national outlets can be so overwhelming and go into so much detail when discussing the Pac-10. Lay off, guys, ok?

•’s Stewart Mandel takes a peek inside the mailbag and he ends up talking about Applebees apparently giving him stomach issues. I think we’re all happy that Stewart’s still alive, actually.

• wants you to submit questions for Washington QB Jake Locker. Feel free to use any of these:

1. How soft are Mel Kiper’s hands?

2. Kirk Herbstreit says you look really good in your uniform, is this weird for you to hear?

3. How long do you expect the transition to take once you switch to linebacker at the next level? (joke!) (maybe!)

4. Is there any truth to the rumor that you’re legally changing your name to “Jake Locker Overthrows Him”

5. How good are you at hitting a curveball?

• ESPN put in a bid to run Texas’s proposed new network. Man, can you imagine how much the Longhorns are going to be GRILLED with all those investigative journalists having all that access? Oowee!!

• Penn State QB Robert Bolden has now passed a concussion test. I never understood why so much weight is put on the SATs and ACTs when so many (not all) college football players take the easiest major and have a ton of tutoring. Why not just give them concussion tests pre-concussions while they’re still in high school? I’m yet to hear a good answer against this — mostly because I thought of this four seconds ago.

Here’s every Florida offensive play from the 2010 season. It’s kind of boring and slightly depressing. Perfect!!


Today’s Video of the Day is a young man breaking his leg. In face paint. Jumping around awkwardly on a stage in front of thousands of people. It’s not graphic.


Enjoy your Thursday.