Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Regis Philbin, who, in rooting for Notre Dame Saturday, is unequivocally anti-United States Navy. But probably for stomach-stomping. That rascal.


• Tennessee coach Derek Dooley compared his team to the Germans in World War II. Improperly.

• Notre Dame lost to Navy on Saturday, but only if cheap stomach-stomps aren’t worth 20 points apiece.

• Michigan State CB Chris Rucker drove recklessly, which violated his probation, and landed him in the clink for about a week. You’ll notice a particularly witty line in the linked story about his “new teammates at Ingham County Jail.” It should be noted that those serving time alongside Rucker are not actual “teammates,” but rather, other randomly incarcerated people. Hope that’s now clear.

• Florida coach Urban Meyer isn’t too pleased with much these days, and that includes Gator practices.

• Texas A&M QB Jerrod Johnson may be close to losing his job to backup Ryan Tannehill. I get the feeling that a bunch of guys in camo are shrugging and find this to be reasonable.

• UCLA suspended two more players for violating team rules. I assume in this case that means they’ve been consistently blocking well and running crisp routes.

• Michigan QB Denard Robinson should be good to go against Penn State on Saturday. Unfortunately for Michigan, it’s no longer a month that ends in “-tember.”

• With Matt Simms hobbled by a sore knee, true freshman Tyler Bray has been taking the majority of practice snaps for Tennessee. Derek Dooley looked at it as being very similar to when the Mongols invaded Helsinki. Or something.

• CBS Sports’s Dr. Jerry Palm says Boise State should probably get used to the waiting game. But that’s the hardest part, Jerry. The hardest part.

• Fox Sports’s Peter Schrager says Texas and Cal are examples of how “crazy” this season has been. Except that Cal has been dancing on the fence that separates “wildly inconsistent” and “just kinda bad” for years now. Beating below-average teams at home and losing to decent ones on the road isn’t confounding.

• Fox Sports’s Thayer Evans calls in on the ThayerLine to recap the weekend action. And because it’s Fox Sports, there’s cleavage, Tom Arnold, and penis jokes. Or so I’m assuming.

• How deep does SB Nation’s Spencer Hall roll? Try 26 deep in this week’s Alphabetical.

SB Nation’s Holly Anderson (Peete) and’s Cory McCartney debate the pros and cons of various free trade regulations. Ok, just kidding, they mostly repeat themselves (and each other) while discussing the Heisman on their respective sites.


Today’s Video of the Day looks at how neat nature truly is. Really, it’s Neature.


Enjoy your Tuesday.