Today’s Chorus is brought to you by UCLA alum and Academy Award winning composer John Williams. It truly does speak to the man’s talent how much better UCLA game film appears to be when the Indiana Jones theme is played simultaneously.


• UCLA plays Oregon tonight. Bruin fans are pretty confident. In Oregon’s abilities to destroy them without mercy.

Duck fans are happy to stomp some weasel, because, you see, we’ve altered Rick Neuheisel’s name to read “Neu-weasel” because of his weasel-y tactics while at Colorado and Washington. They don’t call Eugene, OR the birthplace of modern comedy … at all.

• TCU coach Gary Patterson, on the sideline of the SMU game last month, went after the team doctor who told him that star RB Ed Wesley had a concussion. The word “hero” is thrown around too much these days, but this story really makes you sit back and realize that the first part of this sentence has nothing to do with anything.

•’s Stewart Mandel answers college football mail. I wonder if he has a name for his readers/fans like we do with “verballers.” I suppose I could just ask him myself, but I’d rather just pontificate here. The obvious choice is, of course, calling them “fandels,” but I’ll let the process work itself out organically.

• Heralded (get it?) Miami freshman safety Latwan Anderson left the football team to concentrate on track and field, his actual scholarship sport. He appears to be done with football, and to be fair, it can’t be a coincidence that this is happening just as the House of Run podcast is blowing up.

• ESPN’s CFB bloggers make their predictions for the weekend and focus in on what to watch. And then, they teach you how to get some killer splash action.

• Illinois DT Corey Liuget (pronounced LEGIT) was homesick. So Liuget told his mom, “I think I’m going to come ba-” and his mom was all like, “uh uh” and he was all like, “but…” and then she was all like, “uh uh.” And now he’s breaking people into multiple parts if they happen to linger in the offensive backfield. Legit.

• UConn QB Cody Endres has been suspended for the remainder of the season for an “undisclosed violation of school policy.” Just the price you pay when you steal the mascot from those jerks at Valley High.

Ittttt’s alllllright, cuz I’m Saved by the Bell! (piano)

• The Big 10 crown will be decided on the field in in Iowa City. Where the grass is green and the girls are … eh, not bad.

• SB Nation’s Holly Anderson (Peete) runs down the goings-on in the world of non-AQ-ville. Because somebody has to.

• Texas A&M University President Dr. R. Bowen Loftin, well, just taught you how to Dougie.

• Syracuse fans raised enough money (with some left over) to bring 32 kids from the local Boys and Girls club to an Orange game — complete with shirts, food, and other goodies. Very cool. Your move, every other team.

• The recruiting class of 2011 was cool… in like 2008. 24/7 Sports (247 Sports?) has released their list of the Top 247 members of the class of 2012.

• Florida WR Chris Rainey may play next weekend when the Gators take on Georgia in “The World’s Largest Outdoor Formerly Meaningful Game.”


Today’s Video of the Day is of Legos in cool places. Because Legos are pretty awesome. Duh.

Enjoy your Thursday.