Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Missouri alum Sheryl Crow. She appears to be so happy DE Aldon Smith is coming back for the Oklahoma game that she’s gone full-on eagle. At least until the sun comes up over Santa Monica Boulevard.


• Kansas coach Turner Gill may be sitting on a chair that has grown increasingly warm. I still remember the good ol’ days when getting blasted by 52 after having two weeks to plan for a rivalry game at home bought you some time.

Those were the dayyyyyyyyyys.

USC and UCLA may make more money from the Pac Twen until a revenue threshold is reached. Damn, I thought today’s secret phrase was going to be “revenue threshold” and balloons and streamers would fly down after I typed it. But no, it’s just me staring at bagel crumbs and wondering “what if” to myself.

• The behavior of Florida WR Chris Rainey could be due to symptoms of a concussion. But probably not. I’ll wait for the Iron Eagle to weigh in.

• Missouri DE Aldon Smith will be back for Saturday’s Oklahoma game. Cut to Landry Jones frantically looking for a ruptured mustache on the Missouri turf.

• All Last Name First Namer and BYU WR O’Neill Chambers has been kicked off of the team due to “disciplinary reasons.” It’s now up to you, McKay Jacobson, to carry the Last Name First Name torch.

• UCLA QB Kevin Prince either won’t play or won’t be at 100% when the Bruins face Oregon in Eugene Thursday night. Anybody that’s seen UCLA play this year has no idea what this means.

•’s Cory McCartney has Auburn QB Cam Newton atop his current Heisman rankings. The pick makes sense, as it’s been an enjoyable Heisman prediction ride this year — a veritable “Who’s Who” of first year starting QBs who will fade down the stretch.

• ESPN’s CFB bloggers rewind and fast forward all of their respective conference news. They also join ESPN’s Erin Andrews in a big group breaking down all of the coolest dance grooves.

• SB Nation’s Spencer Hall rolls through the alphabet. Wouldn’t it be crazy to invent a new letter? Spanish has “ñ,” “ll,” and “ch.” I’m thinking about a possible “th” or “rr,” trademarking them, getting crazy rich, and then buying some new shoes. Thoughts?

• The GMAC Bowl, ACCORDING TO THE SLC PUNK, JEREMY FROM SALT LAKE, will now be known as the Bowl. So now you’ll know what’s going on when you’re watching something else in late December.

• SB Nation’s Brian Cook looks at schadenfreude. Is it a coincidence that ESPN reporter Joe Schad‘s entire last name starts this word?!?!?!?!? Probably.

“What if Terrelle Pryor had gone to Michigan?” Fanhouse’s John Walters asks. “He’d have experience passing to nobody, running behind a nonexistent offensive line, and watching a porous defense from the sideline,” Dan Rubenstein answers.

• Are you interested in a Nebraska fan eating soap after losing a bet with a Texas fan? Really? You are? That says something.

• The Wiz checks in with some week 7 snapshots. Not pictured: Me eating five different types of potato preparations in Lincoln on Friday.


Today’s VIdeo of the Day is apparently not intended to be funny. Really, it isn’t. If such a term existed, this would be one of the great all-time videos that isn’t a parody but is way funnier than any parody could be. I give you, “The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men.”


Enjoy your Tuesday.