Today’s Chorus is brought to you by wife of Howard Stern, bulldog enthusiast, and former Pitt student Beth Ostrosky. I’ll bet she’s much more excited about the new UGa than the prospects of Tino Sunseri winning a close game with his arm.


• Oregon State WR James Rodgers may return next year or he may not. It’s mid-October, his knee is pointing in four and a half different directions, let’s relax a bit.

•’s Stewart Mandel inner monologues Ohio State’s claim to be #1 in his new mailbag. You can also listen to Yahoo!!!!!!’s Dan Wetzel on Stewart’s (competing) podcast. If Stewart wasn’t an all-around good dude, frequent guest, and VERBACON ATTENDEE, we’d totally bury his efforts at new media. We run this town.

Oh and here’s a book excerpt.

• Former Texas QB (most appropriately-named Texas QB ever?) Colt McCoy will get his #12 jersey retired by Texas. The way that offense is looking, it might not be a bad idea to also dip it in gold, bedazzle it with rare diamonds, and get it blessed by the most hard-to-reach Nepalese monks.

This Saturday will mark the debut of Georgia’s new bulldog mascot, Uga VIII. His background is fairly quaint – his registered name is “Big Bad Bruce,” he’s the great (x5) grandson of the original UGa, and he’s wanted on 17 outstanding warrants.

• ESPN’s team of CFB bloggers remind you what to watch and make some predictions. I bet you didn’t predict they’d also lead a Hammer dance flash mob, did you?

• Oregon State kicker Justin Kahut hates the crap out of Arizona Stadium. Fair enough.

• A couple is traveling to Lincoln, NE from Bangkok to go to the Nebraska/Texas game Saturday. As impressive as that is, don’t think I won’t complain if my flight from LA is delayed 34 minutes. Oh, and if you see them roaming around a tailgate, do give them beer or some sort of sustenance.

Here is how SBNation bloggers feel the Top 25 should look. Lot of good explanation and defenses, but like always, numbers with taken to two decimal places always throw me off.

• Three Mountain West replay officials have been suspended for blowing a call (horrifically) during the BYU-San Diego State game last weekend. Seems people don’t like it that San Diego now has both a decent college football team AND San Diego.

Oh and the “technical advisor” in the replay booth is a BYU employee. I wasn’t too invested before, now I’ll be disappointed if TCU doesn’t win by at least 73 this weekend.

• USC WR Robert Woods may now be USC Slash Robert Woods, as the speedy receiver has been taking reps as a defensive back. In addition, if he really put his mind to it, he could also probably be athletic enough to challenge us in the Solid Verbal Combine. Probably.


Today’s Video of the Day is evidence of my last journey to Lincoln. If this weekend even approaches that day (short of the Huskers’ loss to USC), I may never leave. Nebras!!!!!


Enjoy your Thursday.