Today’s Chorus is brought to you by random tailgating UTEP bros. I assume because UTEP’s nickname is the Miners, these guys are extra-stoked about what’s going on in Chile.


• Notre Dame TE Kyle Rudolph is out for the remainder of the year after undergoing surgery to repair tendon injuries to his hamstring. Don’t worry, the Irish will just plug in another highly-touted guy in his place and keep on steamrolling teams for a quarter and a half before torturously slowing down and letting their opponent back into the game.

• Georgia RB Caleb King, who was arrested for failing to appear at court for a speeding ticket, has been suspended for two games. Once he reveals his Bulldog Arrest Punch Card, Richt will be eating free sandwiches FOR LIFE.

• Some of Florida‘s recruits aren’t happy with the offense. Oh good, they’ll fit in swimmingly with Gator fans.

• ESPN’s Gregg Easterbrook addresses the execution speed of Oregon’s “blur” offense. ***SPOILER*** I enjoyed it.

• Yahoo!!!!!!!’s Dan Wetzel talks with CBS’s Will Brinson about his new book, “Death to the BCS.” The book is released tomorrow. I imagine a healthy number of Notre Dame fans don’t care.

• This week’s Sports Illustrated cover story is a former NFL agent, Josh Luchs, detailing (with SI’s George Dohrmann) the process of signing and courting college football players. Hint: It involved cash money. And Janet Jackson tickets.

• I’m quite excited for Verbacon in Lincoln, NE this weekend. This song makes me a little less excited.


Today’s Video of the Day is Sesame Street’s Grover doing the Old Spice thing. Works for me.


Enjoy your Wednesday.