Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Jenn Sterger, who, as a Florida State grad, must be pleased with how Mark Stoops has handled the D. Whatever happened to her?


• Alabama WR Julio Jones broke his hand in the first half of Saturday’s South Carolina game. He had surgery the following day to have a screw inserted. Psh, like his hand isn’t already made of bionic parts already.

• Oregon State WR James Rodgers is officially out for the remainder of the season after his knee injury at Arizona on Saturday. He’s a small dude, but as a Duck/football fan, I’m equally terrified and excited every time he plays. But mostly terrified.

• The Rose Bowl, the best/worst stadium in college football, is getting a $152 million dollar renovation. To be honest, I’m going to miss their original Gameboy-sized video screen, 20 minute waits in the entrance tunnels, and hot benches. Oh no wait, no I’m not. Huzzah!

• Three UCLA starters will be suspended for next Thursday’s Oregon game. Discipline is admirable, but only sending 8 guys out there against the #2 team in the country? Risky.

• Houston QB Case Keenum will apply for a medical hardship waiver after blowing out his knee against UCLA a few weeks ago. He’s also expected to summarily beg Dana Holgorsen to come back to the Cougars, which is the only way this story matters.

• The Pac-10 is working on splitting up into divisions in preparation for Utah and Colorado. Stanford and Cal are causing problems. Nerds!

• Two Washington State RS freshmen were growing dozens of pot plants in their rented house. Police said that growing that many plants was a “big deal.” The players are agreed, but their high five attempts with police were immediately rebuffed. (via SbB)

• EDSBS’s Spencer Hall ranks some college football announcers, submits his weekly Alphabetical column, while Holly Anderson (Peete) doles out some classy stickers.

• The season is about 40% done, so why not hammer out some Heisman thoughts? SB Nation’s Holly Anderson (Peete),’s Cory McCartney, and ESPN’s team of randoms are happy to oblige. Yahoo!!!!!!!! takes it one step further and ranks just about everybody by position.

The Week in Schadenfreude from SVBFF and SB Nation’s Brian Cook. God help us all if this column becomes terrible and we all delight in its failure. That’s what’s called a double-meta blackhole. What does it meeeeaaaannnnn?

• Smart Football’s Chris Brown has his Smart Notes up, which looks at the key types of plays that led to wins. I feel smarter just linking to this.

ESPN’s team of CFB bloggers look back at the first half of the season and do a quick rewind/fast forward. Thankfully, they also finally show us how to properly trim spare ribs prior to cooking. Find the flap!

Lost in the hilari-depressing USC season is the breakout performance of true freshman WR Robert Woods, who finished with over 200 yards receiving in the Trojans’ loss at Stanford. Quite simply, dude be fast.


Today’s Video of the Day is a perfect commercial for Stella Artois, directed by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola. It’s too early for beer, Dan. It’s too early for beer.


Enjoy your Tuesday.