Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Warren Buffett, Nebraska’s wealthiest investor/Husker fan. Word has begun leaking that he has been unable sleep due to the exciting combination of Taylor Martinez running read veer options and, obviously, Verbacon. So typical.


• North Carolina‘s Marvin Austin (DT), Robert Quinn (DE), and Greg Little (WR) have all been lost due to their involvement with an agent and the benefits they each received. Austin was dismissed, with Quinn and Little ruled permanently ineligible. Even more importantly, Marvin Austin is no longer the Dan Rubenstein College Football Crush. This is now on loop.

As you now know, LSU coach Les Miles called a fake FG that ultimately led to the Gators’ demise. It worked even better in 2007.

• Oregon RB and return specialist Kenjon Barner was released from a hospital in Pullman, WA after sustaining a big-hit concussion on a kick return against Washington State.

• Oregon State WR James Rodgers, just back from a concussion, suffered a bad knee injury. There’s video, but it isn’t pleasant. The good news is he’s apparently eligible for a medical hardship waiver. Human reaction: Good. Duck reaction: Damn.

• Saturday box score analysis, courtesy of SB Nation and Yahoo!’s Dr. Saturday. I’m still waiting to hear back regarding inquiry regarding the newly formed MAC-themed Dr. Tuesday/Wednesday blog. Fingers crossed.

•’s Stewart Mandel drops knowledge bombs covering the college football landscape, and even mentions, thanks to fantasy football and the downfall of Marvin Austin, my new college football crush: Justin Blackmon. I hope this doesn’t sound like hyperbole, but in Dana Holgorson’s offense, he’s essentially a combination of Michael Crabtree and Blanca from Street Fighter II.

•’s Andy Staples ponders the rest of the SEC season after Alabama’s loss at South Carolina. ***Spoiler*** Everyone’s going to lose to somebody at some point in the SEC the rest of the way, and Alabama will still probably win the West. Ok fine, if the Tide decide to hand it off to Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson.

• LSUFreek is the best college football animated Gif artist (you heard me) on the planet, and should other planets have football leagues attached to academic institutions, he probably already photoshops heads of personalities in that league onto their art and cinema.

• A Michigan fan swears a lot while watching the Wolverines lose to Michigan State. Language is salty and NSFW, unless you work in some sort of F*ck Factory. And if you do, get back to f*ckin’ work, you f*ckin’ slacker. (via EDSBS)

• Speaking of which, Michigan themselves got “Lloydballed” by the Spartans. I hadn’t read that term until this morning, at which point, I just stared at the text and laughed at its simple genius.

• ESPN’s team of CFB bloggers give conference power rankings, helmet stickers, a list of what they learned, and get in a group dance-fight. What? Sometimes you just have to dance-fight.

• Here are this week’s opening lines.

• The Wiz has the Screengrabs O’ the Week. Brock Huard possibly teases Mike Bellotti’s right nipple in one of them. Not a joke.

• Stanford QB Andrew Luck tackled USC CB Shareece Wright after the Trojan recovered a fumble. Excuse me, I believe the correct term is “laidimthefuggout.”‘

• Adidas is introducing new “TECHFIT” jerseys for, among other teams, UCLA, Tennessee, Michigan, and Notre Dame. I hereby demand an ND jersey for Ty, as he will feel lighter and faster while pacing over the Irish letting another subpar team climb back into a game. Demand!

Also, RIP Wallace.

Today’s Video of the Day is The Simpsons über-dark couch sequence opening last night, storyboarded by Banksy, the popular street artist. I enjoyed the dolphin head.


Enjoy your Monday.