Today’s Chorus is brought to you by the Lafayette College cheerleading squad. The 0-4 Leopards travel to Columbia this weekend to begin the 2010 rope-a-dope. Leopard Up!!!*

*can’t possibly be an actual chant


• Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez ran all over Kansas State last night, and then ran some more. He’s now certainly in the conversation for the overall award that is given exclusively to players who play one of two positions. And this is all before the Verbal Bump…

• The lines for tomorrow’s games can be found here.

• LSU OC Gary Crowton and Florida OC Steve Addazio will be matching wits tomorrow. Just let that sink in.

• Oregon coach Chip Kelly, during a conference call, mentioned that he liked a particular Dairy Queen blizzard, and the Oregon athletic department was delivered blizzards for all. I’d like to take this time to point out that The Solid Verbal has great affinity for Dairy Queen, BMW, In-n-Out Burger, Nike, and Apple.

• ESPN analyst Lou Holtz can no longer, on behalf of his political views, ask for straight cash homey.

• South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier is giving QB Stephen Garcia every chance to succeed against Alabama. Until he unceremoniously benches him. Just because.

• Purdue‘s offense, after the Boilers’ run of unfortunate injuries, has a new look. Don’t be surprised if the new-look Boilermakes are back to being a top ten Big Ten team before you know it.

• BYU and Utah, despite a new alignment rift, will still play each other in 2011 and 2012, continuing the “Holy War” rivalry. Whew.

• Former UNC assistant and alleged pimp-broker John Blake may have also contacted, on behalf of agent Gary Wichard, Ndamukong Suh. All sorts of other names are slowly leaking, but the big question isn’t if, but when, will the estate of Red Grange come forward and admit to contact with John Blake?

•’s Stewart Mandel remembers when FSU/Miami meant something. He also answers your neurobiology questions. Ok, it’s just college football stuff.

• ESPN/ABC broadcaster Brent Musburger is kinda, sorta fine with steroids. Or something.

• The pop Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor heard in his knee against Illinois was actually just his knee brace popping. Quite a five-day investigation you had on your bands, Buckeyes.

Today’s Video of the Day is people jumping into a pond on bicycles. I liked it, but the whole things seems like a tremendous waste of perfectly good bicycles.


Enjoy your Friday + College Football Saturday.