Today’s Click Chorus is brought to you by Leslie Knope, Deputy Parks Director for the city of Pawnee, Indiana. It’s Thursday and I miss Parks and Rec. And Ron Swanson. And Mouse Rat. And sweet, sweet April Ludgate. At least there’s (possible) quality Big 12 quality football to be had. Sighhhhh.


• Since Ty and I record on Sundays and Thursdays, we should (operative word) preview the Thursday game on Sundays. We always forget. So here’s my Nebraska/Kansas State preview: Kansas State covers +11. Thursday night games on the road are tough, and is good as Taylor Martinez is/will be, Kansas State should, to some extent, be able to control the clock. It’ll be fairly low-scoring and Nebraska will win close. And Oregon transfer Chris Harper continues his torrid receiving pace by catching a ball. A ball.

• Michigan runs a lot, and they do it with their QB, ol’ what’s-his-name. Now here are 11,000 words on that by mgoblog.

• BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall will take over the defense, following the termination of defensive coordinator Jaime Hill. I’m still all-in on budding All-Rubenstein RB Ronnie Hillman of San Diego State in two days. Future Bernard Pierce!

• The fellers at Rocky Top Talk explain the 3-4 defense. It was almost as good as the time they went over basic scheme differences and responsibilities on College Football Live, except that CFL never even dares to go this far into relevancy.

• ESPN‘s bloggers tell you what to watch this weekend and make their game predictions. There’s also a pretty intriguing video of the Big 10’s Adam Rittenburg c-walk battling the ACC’s Heather Dinich. Word.

• With Colorado playing Mizzou this week, ESPN has a feature on the twentieth anniversary of the fifth down. Slightly off-topic: I don’t miss the scads of belly buttons college football had to offer in the early 90s. Blech.

• Illinois defensive coordinator Vic Koenning reviews the progress of the 2010 Illini defense. Or as they’ll be known after getting Penn State’s offense on Saturday, the 1985 Chicago Bears.

• The first BCS Rankings will be released on Sunday. Which means the Harris poll is also making its 2010 debut. This, of course, makes Sunday the worst day of the college football season.

• Alabama coach Nick Saban got pissy when reporters asked him about his pre-season agent-pimp remarks, now that John Blake, a now former assistant coach, is an alleged pimp broker. And nobody stuttered.

• New Mexico State hasn’t won any games, and now the student population is looking to abstain from giving the Aggies what they really want – sweet, sweet Aggie intercourse. What happens in Las Cruces, well, gets reported on by SportsbyBrooks.

• LSU will win the national championship. Spencer Hall’s soul has been compromised.

• Iowa defensive coordinator Norm Parker had his right foot amputated due to complications from Diabetes. Well wishes, speedy recovery, and hopes of continued badassery out of Iowa City, etc.

•’s Cory McCartney profiles Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick, a simple baseball player running the pistol offense to near-perfection. I’m Tom Rinaldi, EEEESSSSPPPNNNNNNN.

• Penn State may use more of backup QB Kevin Newsome to help jumpstart their offense. Another useful tool to help jumpstart the offense? An offense.

• Florida State’s defense is improving. I think. Probably.

Today’s Video of the Day is ThunderBusters, which appears to be either a mashup of AC/DC and Ghostbusters. Or I’m tripping balls right now and this is all in my head. Is this real life?


Enjoy your Thursday.