Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Jimmy Buffett, who seems to enjoy eating cheeseburgers in tropical places and towns named after mixed drinks. He also owns Landshark Lager. I don’t know what a “landshark” is, but I imagine he’s pleased Ole Miss is considering making his made-up animal its mascot.


• Florida QB John Brantley has injured ribs. But he’s doing great!

• Former Virginia coach (and current Georgia Tech defensive Allow More-dinator) Al Groh will face off against former assistant and now UVa head coach Mike London. It’s like master vs student, only Al Groh isn’t a master, and nobody cares.

• Wisconsin and Pitt each came into the season with excellent, well-known running backs. Now, John Clay (Wisc) and Dion Lewis (Pitt) both may not be as good as their backups. Next!

• Players in the Big 10 are injured. Beep beep ba beep beep beep ba beep beep. That was me typing out an old fashioned telegraph spitting out the headlines. Really for no reason.

• ESPN’s Pat Forde‘s weekly “Forde Yard Dash” is out. ***Dan’s Notes*** Lots of Les Miles, coaching, plays-per-minute, Ana Ivanovic, previews, something about steaks.

• SVBFF and SB Nation’s Brian Cook drops The Week in Schadenfreude. It made me laugh. And a little gassy. Weird.

• Various people continue to rank players for an important award only eligible to certain positions. The Heisman Pundit, SB Nation, and Fox Sports publish these people. Ndamukong Suh will not be clicking any of these links, and with good reason.

•’s Andy Staples doesn’t just rank teams, he ranks them in powerful fashion. After each entry, I like to imagine he pounds his desk with a fist and yells, “BOOM!” That’s power, children.

• Ole Miss revealed possible mascots to be the new Rebel. I kind of like the bear, and that’s as nice as I can possibly be. Whatever, I happen to like bears wearing hats that bears never wear.

• Arizona State LB Vontaze Burfict, aka The Walking Personal Foul, aka 15 Yards for Unsportsmanlike Conduct, aka The First Guy to Ever Rip Out a Spleen on a Football Field, has been benched. I wonder if this play or that play have anything to do with it. We may never know.

• ESPN’s Lou Holtz is trolling for Republican votes using cheesy football metaphors. Awww, so friggin’ adorable.

• Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly analyzes the differences between two of the teams that beat him, Michigan and MIchigan State, who play each other this weekend in Ann Arbor. Solid analysis before Kelly gave the coaching advantage to Michigan’s Rich Rodriguez because of his wonderful stent-free arteries. What an animal.

Today’s Video of the Day is another one from the Harvard Sailing Team, who doesn’t sail and is not a team. And has nothing to do with Harvard. It’s called “Boys Will Be Girls: Night Out.”


Enjoy your Wednesday. Totes.