Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Tina Fey, who played Sarah Palin, who graduated (after her half-dozen school tour) from Idaho, who has their own painted Horizon plane, on which Palin will never ever fly. Hockey moms fly PRIVATE, yo.


• Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio was released from the hospital today after his heart attack and subsequent blood clot. Without any medical knowledge, I’ll just go ahead and assume he was implanted with an ultra-powerful gorilla heart and the Spartans will thereby crush Michigan in Ann Arbor. And yes, I know none of that made any sense. Blame caffeine.

• UNC (temp) coach Butch Davis is sorry he ever trusted formed assistant John Blake. The only way this ongoing saga could get more ridiculous is if at some point somebody rips off an intricate flesh mask revealing their true identity as Cherokee Parks. You heard me.

Also, it’s been lost in the mess, but UNC QB TJ Yates has been good. I know, right?

• Texas coach Mack Brown may be forced out. It seems completely ludicrous, but apparently Will Muschamp is a lock to be a wildly successful head coach (for the first time).

• Oregon coach Chip Kelly was reprimanded by the Pac-10 for his halftime comments to Erin Andrews during the Stanford game. I’d say it was worth it.

• Miami QB Jacory Harris has, depending on who you ask, a bruised shoulder or a sprained AC joint. The good news is he’s expected to eventually be cleared to haplessly launch balls down the field with no regard for triple coverage. Whew.

• Alabama WR Julio Jones has an injured knee and is day-to-day ahead of the Tide’s game against South Carolina. Since Jones is clearly a robot bent on the destruction of silly human defensive backs, I suspect something else is afoot.

• EDSBS’s Holly Anderson (Peete) has stickers! For everyone! Ok not everyone, just inhumanly athletic people that excel or disappoint on Saturdays.

• ESPN‘s team of CFB bloggers rewind and fast forward. And then order some shady PPV on the sly.

• EDSBS’s Spencer Hall drops this week’s Alphabetical. I don’t get all the references, but Weepy Dawson makes up for all.

•’s Cory McCartney checks in with his Week 5 Heisman Watch. The Nard Dog… is still #1.

• Horizon Air has painted one of their planes with a University of Idaho theme. The school president can now stop being so prissy when it comes to flying in themed planes. Whew.

Today’s Video of the Day is Conan getting naughty with a hose and his desk. It made me tingly in a way that I’m still uncomfortable talking about.


Enjoy your Tuesday.