Today’s Chorus is brought to you by proud LSU alumnus James Carville, who, if he had hair, would probably still be tearing it out watching Les Miles’s time management on Saturday. Also, airport scanners can go measure his penis.


• Former UNC coach John Blake, who allegedly helped steer notable (and suspended) Tar Heel players toward Gary Wichard, a friend of Blake’s, also contacted players from Alabama and South Carolina regarding Wichard’s services. Remember, North Carolina fans, they can take away football, basketball may stink, John Edwards may be a complete fraud, but you’ll always have, uh, let’s see … vinegar based BBQ sauce?

• College football is painful. A lot of people get hurt. Here are some of them.

Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor mildly strained his left leg. He should be fine.

Boston College QB Chase Rettig sprained his left ankle and is, as of now, doubtful for NC State this Saturday.

Oregon State WR James Rodgers should be back against Arizona this week after sitting out due to a previous concussion.

USC FB Stanley Havili played with a dislocated shoulder against Washington. Seems painful.

(Injury reports from everywhere else.)

• Georgia WR AJ Green is still quite good, despite those around him. That jersey looks FRESH.

• BYU defensive coordinator Jaime Hill, after BYU became the third best team in the state of Utah, has been eliminated. Ok, that verb may have been too much. Still, though, it sends a message.

• USC coach Lane Kiffin defends attempting a field goal instead of aggressively trying to keep a drive alive. I think it worked out for everyone.

• ESPN‘s CFB bloggers gave out helmet stickers, figured out what they learned, organized power rankings, and examined how to properly cut sushi-grade tuna. Ok the last one may be somebody else, but it’s still incredibly useful.

• This week’s polls are out. Hurray! Find out who you can direct your irrational anger at by looking at the voters in the meaningless poll.

•’s Stewart Mandel reviews the action in his College Football Overtime column. It includes a picture of LaMichael James, who appears to be levitating. Rad.

•’s Andy Staples makes some snap judgements. Because in football, “snap” is a term for when … ok, you get it.

• A couple of ESPN writers predict bowl matchups in early October. Pour out some cold milk for your homies at BYU, who will be missing the Las Vegas Bowl for what feels like the first time since the school was founded.

• Fox Sports columnist Thayer Evans argues that the Mike Sherman era should come to a close at Texas A&M.

• In Oregon Duck news, Fox Sports goes way out on a limb and says it’s time to take the #3 team in the country seriously. Done and done.

Also, the Duck dougie’d. Somebody taught him.

• SB Nation went Box Scorin’. Wait, that sounded wrong. Or so very right.

• The Wiz presents some screengrabs from Saturday’s action. All excellent, but it’s quite difficult to capture how inept Penn State’s offense truly was in a single frame.

Today’s Video of the Day is part 1 of Steve Nash and Landon Donovan preparing to play FIFA 11. If you like boom mic comedy, today’s your day.


Enjoy your Monday.