Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Dr. Ken Jeong (The Hangover, Community, Kaiser Permanente), who received his medical degree from North Carolina. On now-infamous agent Gary Wichard’s dime. Ok there’s no proof of that. Or is there? No there isn’t.


• Yahoo Sports saddled up, did their best Lester Freamon, followed some North Carolina money and now UNC appears to be, as the cast of Laguna Beach: The Real O.C. would say, “dunzo.” Settle down, Tar Heels, you were always a women’s soccer school, anyway.

Yahooooooooo! also provides copies of documents and an easy guide to the cast of characters involved.

• ESPN’s CFB bloggers went on a group vacation and shot a cool compilation video of their adventures on the nation’s water slides. Orrrrrr they tell you what to watch and predict what will happen during Saturday’s action. Only one of these stories is true.

• Boise State’s Winston Venable was suspended for a half for a hit on Oregon State’s James Rodgers that was deemed helmet to helmet. Or as it’s called in Boise, “fundamentals.”

• has a triumvirate of college football links: Andy Staples profiles new Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen, Stewart Mandel ruffles through the mail, and Jon Wertheim (normally a tennis guy) profiles a Nebraska assistant that has more money than you or me. Unless Mark Zuckerberg is reading this. If so, what up Mark?

• Touted freshman Miami OT Seantrel Henderson may start for the Hurricanes this Saturday. In three dimensions!

• After benching incumbent Dave Shinskie, Boston College will start true freshman QB Chase Rettig against Notre Dame. Suddenly, with all of the different storylines taking shape, this could be one of the more interesting pillowfights of the weekend.

• Everybody’s going to play everybody in the Big 12 next year. For those of you craving yearly Iowa StateBaylor action, your time has come.

• Injured Michigan DB Troy Woolfolk used Google Images to prove his identity after being pulled over and forgetting his driver’s license. Because I’m thorough with my research, you should also know that when you look up “Troy Woolfolk” in Google Images, a first person shot of boobs in a bikini shows up. Just a disgusting act.

Today’s Video of the Day is, possibly for the first time, a football video. It’s Division III football!!!!!!!!


Enjoy your Thursday.