Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Rick Sanchez, the CNN anchor who likes college football so much that he, well, gets torn apart by Jon Stewart (go to 6:20).

*****’s Cory McCartney and ESPN‘s scrappy group of bloggers weigh in on the Heisman race. Cal QB Kevin Riley checks in at 947th and 835th, respectively.

• Alabama QB Greg McElroy has some sore tender bits after Saturday’s Arkansas game.

• Sports Illustrated released this week’s cover, which will hopefully lead to more people arguing that Boise State doesn’t play anyone, and if they played in another conference, they’d be a three-win team. MAX.

• Yahoo’s (!) Matt Hinton loves Auburn’s awesome (and possibly dangerous) pregame tradition. I’ve always wondered if the eagle has ever pooped while swooping around. A swoop-and-poop, if you will. Please let me know at [email protected], with the subject line “Swoop-and-Poop.”

• Oklahoma State defensive coaches are giving candy bars to top practice performers. I have no objection to this, but it’s the first time I can remember football players being rewarded like puppies remembering to tinkle outside.

• SB Nation contributor (and mgoblog editor) (and SVBFF) Brian Cook breaks down The Week in Schadenfreude.

•’s Andy Staples offers up his latest college football power rankings. Spare ribs check in at #2, #7, and #14.

• Florida WR Chris Rainey agreed to a misdemeanor plea deal in his aggravated stalking case. It doesn’t seem like Florida fans are too concerned, now that they’ve discovered BURTON-PORN!!!

A storm was brewing at Kansas State on Saturday. Not in a metaphoric way. Just an actual storm.

• Perhaps wheelchair seating should be moved, uh, away from right on top of the field of play.

• The lines for this week’s games are out. This is a reminded to pay extra special attention to Ty’s picks against the spread. And then run like hell.

Today’s Video of the Day is an instructional video for the New Yorker iPad app, done by Jason Schwartzman. I like his ringtone.


Enjoy your Tuesday.