Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Tommy Lee, who briefly attended Nebraska for an NBC reality show, arguably his second best performance on camera ever. I imagine he’s excited for Carl Pelini’s Blackshirts.


• Miami beat up on Pitt last night. And wasn’t even that good themselves. Normally, I’ll watch the Thursday night game in its entirety, no matter the matchup, but I packed it in pretty early and saw somebody named LaNieta dominate Wheel of Fortune. Thanks, Wannstedt.

• Nebraska‘s defense, for the first time this season, has earned their black jerseys. Couldn’t have done out without you, Jake!

• Alabama coach Nick Saban announced that an Alabama-Michigan matchup is all but certain for the 2012 season. In Dallas. Because the first thing I think about when I think rare, exciting matchup of college football heavyweights is a neutral, corporate field. Blech.

• Saban also lurves himself some medical hardships. But guys, he’s such a great fella!

• CBS Sports’s Tony Barnhart gives you his top 10 things to watch for this weekend. **Spoiler Alert** SEC. SEC. Andrew Luck. SEC. SEC. Oregon. SEC.

•’s Andy Staples turns to other mascots for their thoughts on The Brutus Beatdown. It’s essential reading for the college football weekend. Or a poop.

• Virginia Tech RB Ryan Williams will be not play against Boston College (hamstring) and UConn RB Jordan Todman will be out (arm) against Buffalo. Adjust your fantasy teams and hopes/dreams accordingly.

• USC has a lot of talented running backs, but can’t settle on a rotation. Boo hoo.

• SB Nation’s (and SVBFF) Spencer Hall drops this week’s Rootability Index. I promise you, if you read this, you’ll see two guys oddly smiling while running with a pony. 100%.

Today’s Video of the Day is a Saturn commercial. Possibly German. It has robot dinosaurs, so I watched it and was like “HELL YES!”


Enjoy your Friday + College Football Saturday.