Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Jeff Garlin, half of the funniest twosome on TV, and graduate of The U. Niversity of Miami. Here’s to hoping he makes his “big vagina” gesture (probably NSFW) at some point during tonight’s Pitt game. Just because.


The Playoff PAC is accusing the Sugar, Fiesta, and Orange Bowls of violating their claimed tax-exempt status as non-profits. Apparently, everybody made a crap-ton of money. Oops.

• North Carolina has suspended two defensive backs for receiving $1300 and $1400 in benefits, respectively. The horror.

• Michigan is still looking for somebody to kick it through two giant yellow goal posts. Or they’re not. Or something.

•’s Andy Staples profiles the Ft. Campbell High (Ky) football team, made up entirely of sons of soldiers, most of whom are overseas. Read this before the mascot story below.

• Early reports indicating Mark Mangino was hired to consult Minnesota coach Tim Brewster may be incorrect. This doesn’t mean something’s not afoot, though. In my experience, something’s always afoot. Always.

• One of BYU‘s receivers that has a traditionally last name as a first name has been suspended for “disciplinary reasons.”

• ESPN‘s bloggers predict games and tell us what to watch. Nowhere to be found in “What to Watch” is “The Solid Visual,” so their cred instantly takes a hit.

• If you’re holding out hope for Admiral Ackbar at Mississippi, you’re among furry friends.

•’s Stewart Mandel has a new mailbag. Would it be so bad if Stew and the guy who answers the Penthouse Letters switched letters for a week? Probably.

• The Pac-10 is discussing possible locations for a title game. The clubhouse leaders are probably Glendale, AZ and San Diego, but remember, never sleep on the Lehigh Valley.

Today’s Video of the Day is pure fluff. Fluff.


Enjoy your Thursday.