Today’s Chorus is brought to you Colorado cheerleaders. I don’t need a reason, but they seem like they’ll be excited for the Pac-Twen.


• The Heisman Pundit released his Week 3 Heisman poll. It all seems fairly reasonable given how early it is in the season, so we’ll take this time to unveil our Heisman Ranker Power Rankings:

1. Heisman Pundit – Chris Huston built his own site, keeps it updated with useful information, and came on the show last year. Winner.

2. Cory McCartney – He’s now apparently SI’s Mr. Heisman Watch, and other than putting Ryan Mallett #2, Cory’s weekly column is trending upwards.

3. Holly Anderson – I’m still dubious on Mallett, but as SB Nation’s in-house Heismaness and a contributor to EDSBS, it’s a great weekly read. She also calls Colin Kaepernick “The Angry Ostrich,” which is reason enough to get on board.

4. ESPN Rotation – Minus points for not having a dedicated weekly Heisman writer, but the poll is clean, the explanations clear, and points are added on for including how many votes each player is receiving in each place.

5. CBS Rotation – Similar to ESPN’s, but they get minus points for their horrible fantasy sports setup. I know it has nothing to do with the Heisman, but it really is THAT bad.

• ESPN‘s bloggers look at whose stock is up or down in various conferences. Without having looked at all the stock reports, I’m guessing Washington’s D-line stock is listed at “SELL SELL SELL, OH GOD SELL!”

• Colorado is officially joining the Pac-Twen next year. Eventually, the Buffaloes will be good and everyone will love the new rivalries and going to Boulder, etc. For now, though, VICTORIES FOR ALL!*

*Except you, Cougs.

• The great news is Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio is out of the hospital after suffering a minor heart attack following the Spartans’ narrow victory over Notre Dame Saturday night. The bad news is that the possibility of a Spartan being charged with a felony has increased significantly these past few months

• Iowa RB Jewel Hampton is out for the season with a torn ACL, his second straight campaign to be shortened by an ACL injury. Attention Knees of the World: Avoid Tucson.

• Jake Heaps is now, after a debilitating shoulder injury to Riley Nelson, BYU’s lone starting QB. This makes things considerably easier for Cougar fans, who no longer have to ask, “Was that Nelson or Heaps who just lost his receivers?”

Today’s Video of the Day features a dog that pops balloons. After watching this video, I’ve never hated balloons more.


Enjoy your Wednesday.