Today’s Click Chorus is brought to you by Ed O’Neill, former Ohio U student. I’m guessing that he approves of both his school’s mascot taking out Ohio State’s Brutus, but also of watching TV wife Sofia Vergara on tomorrow night’s Modern Family premiere. God, I love Colombia.


• Oregon State painted their field blue in preparation for Saturday’s game at Boise State. You’ll immediately be able to tell how comfortable Ryan Katz will be overthrowing his receivers in a new environment.

• Houston QB Case Keenum will have an uphill battle if he intends to apply for medical hardship waiver after the season. As will Georgia‘s defensive line, as “We’re not very strong” is not typically an accepted argument.

• Missouri DE Aldon Smith will miss at least a couple weeks with a broken fibula. We hear at Solid Verbal HQ would like to wish the dominant Smith a speedy recovery, mostly because of his awesome hair.

• A Michigan student will try out to be the Wolverines new kicker. Even if he’s good, he has about 38,000 practice hours to catch up on. (via The Wiz)

Arizona printed a shirt commemorating a non-conference September victory against Iowa. Just….no.

• A cheesy radio host who broadcasts to Michigan/Indiana border towns tries to make the point that God hates it when coaches outsmart Notre Dame. And if the current sales numbers for radio are any indication, God kinda hates sports radio too. (via EDSBS)

• Solid Verbal BFF Chip Brown reports on OrangeBloods that Colorado may join the Pac Twen in 2011 after all. And Jeff Tedford’s all for the Buffs joining in October.

• Ohio‘s Bobcat tackled Ohio State’s Brutus on Saturday in what apparently was a premeditated attack. Because really, what else are you going to do in Athens, OH other than sit around and plan a mascot attack or hope that someday you end up with a TV wife like Sofia Vergara. (VIDEO)

Today’s Video of the Day is the Harvard Sailing Team sketch comedy group doing the best Mystic River video I’ve seen this month.


Enjoy your Tuesday.