Todays chorus is brought to you by James Caan, who briefly attended Michigan State. I say “briefly” because I assume he was too busy being Sonny Corleone and doing horrible (terrific) things in the grotto at the Playboy Mansion to worry about higher education or perfectly executed fake field goals.


• Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio, between a “Little Giants”-inspired fake FG to beat Notre Dame and a minor heart attack, had an eventful Saturday night. By comparison, I ate a bagel and had an orange soda. It’s a draw.

• Houston QB Case Keenum tore his ACL against UCLA… and backup Cotton Turner broke his clavicle (out for the year). Conference USA is officially open for business.

• ESPN‘s bloggers have published their conference power rankings. In response, I will publish my ESPN blogger power rankings. No spoilers, but SVBFF Ted Miller is getting fitted for his honorary Solid Verbal blazer as we speak

• The generally meaningless polls are out. I like Jon Wilner. I think Jon WIlner is a smart Pac-10 writer. I like it when Jon WIlner comes on the podast. I don’t think Jon WIlner uses much common sense when he votes in said meaningless poll.

• EDSBS‘s Holly Anderson offers her “Best in Class” for the week. She mentions Dr. Bernard Pierce, so you know her street cred is the through the roof.

• Dr. Saturday has his superlatives for the week. Ty and I missed “Best Couple” by that much.

::Kolumnist Korner::

• SI’s Stewart Mandel is liking the Pac-10. And as far as I can tell, he at no point compares Ryan Whalen to Daniel Faraday.

• SI’s Andy Staples talks about the Texas defense and the Longhorns returning to Lubbock to avenge 2008.

• CBS Sports’s Eric Sorensen has a Week 3 wrap. It’d be better if somebody had a week 3 rap, but perhaps that’s asking for too much.

• ESPN’s Mark Schlabach looks at which teams could be careening off the college football cliff. He also has punny categories involving his own first name. This makes me briefly wonder why we don’t have columns like “TyBreakers” or “Dan Coverage,” until I realize that I’d rather take a nap or watch Mad Men.

Today’s Video of the Day is self-explanatory. It’s killer whales beaching themselves to attack sea lions. An outstanding way to begin the week. Unless you’re a sea lion.

Enjoy your Monday.