Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Hootie and the Blowfish, who met at the University of South Carolina. Apparently, they’re sports fans, so I’m assuming they’re already writing “The Ballad of Weslye Saunders.” If they’re still together. Really, I have no idea and don’t care enough to do even five seconds of research.


• South Carolina TE Weslye Saunders has been dismissed from the football team, presumably because of his involvement in a still-active NCAA investigation regarding a hotel stay and a relationship with an agent. I think it’s time Saunders took some time to learn the meaning of the words on the back of those military-honoring jerseys from last season. God, the word “duty” never stops being funny.

• ESPN‘s bloggers, who apparently only require press box hot dogs and home webcams for survival, roll out predictions and what to watch for this weekend. Weslye Saunders did not make either list.

• The Wiz is double-dipping with goodness – he has Solid Verbal BFF Stewart Mandel on his podcast (and Stew even has his own podcast!), and he also has video of some Leach-isms from Mike Leach’s first announcing assignment. I learned that Leach enjoys “Hells Bells.” No argument here, unless Leach is inspired to the point of wearing Angus Young shorts. Those make me uncomfortable.

• Pitt MLB Dan Mason has been demoted to the defense’s second team in the wake of his hit-and-run accident with now suspended RB Jason Douglas, who was charged with a DUI. The Panthers next play Miami next Monday, putting Mason’s surefire Jacory Harris interception into considerable doubt. Sad.

• Georgia WR AJ Green will be appealing his NCAA suspension tomorrow. Lucky for Green, Chris Hawkins, the gentleman who purchased Green’s game-worn jersey, was arrested for pot and cocaine (smeared with peanut butter and pepper) possession. I’ll never understand the south, I’ll just smile, continue eating their BBQ, and move on.

• Auburn may reveal some new blue helmets and pants for Saturday’s Clemson game. I’m not impressed. If TCU can add a frozen theme and Virginia Tech can add Tron, Auburn needs to do something to one-up – I suggest polishing the helmets in real tiger’s milk. Do it, Chizik.

• Alabama RB Mark Ingram should play this week against Duke after sitting out the past two weeks recuperating from knee surgery. A bunch of guys with generous bangs are pumped.

• Notre Dame QB Dayne Crist has declared himself 100% healthy for this weekend’s Michigan State game. And here I was worried that Crist wouldn’t be able to fully contribute to Ty’s week three fantasy loss against the SLC Punk. Wrong-o!

Today’s Video of the Day is the coke scene from Annie Hall, which I’m positive AJ Green jersey-buyer Chris Hawkins has never seen.


Enjoy your Thursday.