Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Bob Dole, who attended the University of Arizona 60 years ago, and probably doesn’t even care that a bunch of no good kids are all wearing red for the Iowa game. Also, he has wang issues.


• Florida WR/RB Chris Rainey was arrested for aggravated stalking last night in Gainesville. Man, I am THIS close to winning Florida Arrest Bingo – all I need is Deonte Thompson to embezzle funds from a well-to-do heiress or Ahmad Black to be implicated in an international art theft ring, and I’m golden.

• Houston QB Case Keenum is day-to-day as he deals with “concussion-like” symptoms. If he plays this coming Saturday against UCLA, he’ll immediately be faced with a “slapfight-like defense.”

• A week two Heisman Trophy update, or unofficially, filler.

• There’s a radio show in the south that has a guy who does a Lou Holtz impression. And it’s perfect. (via EDSBS)

• Arizona fans plan to red-out Arizona Stadium Saturday for the WIldcats’ game against Iowa. In response, Nebraska fans have decided to red-out Memorial Stadium like 80 years ago.

Columnist Quick Hits:

• ESPN’s Mark Schlabach comments on the superb talents of Denard Robinson. He even gushes that he’d be a top five scout team gunner in the SEC. Because the SEC roolz for realz, guys.

• ESPN’s Pat Forde thinks the key to Ohio State may just be Terrelle Pryor. Right when you think you have Pat Forde pinned down, he goes and shocks the world. Maverick.

• SI’s Stewart Mandel covers pretty much everything in College Football Overtime, including some appropriate Marcus Lattimore gushing. Like everyone else, I’ve been impressed by Lattimore, but let him play in the Mountain West against some real competition, and we’ll see how good he really is.

• SI’s Andy Staples has good things to say about Trent Richardson and his performance against Penn State. When these two disappear and are found to have run off to a Mediterranean villa together, don’t say you didn’t see the warning signs.

Today’s Video of the Day is a parrot humping a fully-grown male human. Just because.


Enjoy your Tuesday.