Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Elizabeth Berkley, who attended UCLA. At first she was SO excited about Kevin Prince and the Bruin offense, but now she’s … SO scared.


• Rick Neuheisel has done a pretty terrible job at UCLA. The Daily News and Los Angeles Times concur. It’s also worth noting that the UCLA QB job is now considered to be open – which is something like saying a half woman/half lizard is now single and looking for love. But she was really attractive before the lizard experiment went horribly, horribly wrong. Ok, I’ll stop now.

Here’s the coach giving his traditional postgame pep talk to the crowd. Woo?

• ESPN‘s CFB bloggers put together their “What We Learned” and their weekly power rankings. The Solid Verbal’s bloggers put ESPN’s bloggers’ links online, are eating cereal, and trying to remember why Chelsea Handler is considered to be funny.

• Purdue WR Keith Smith is going through tests to see the the extent of a knee injury suffered Saturday. Smith is an All Big Ten WR and Purdue’s biggest offensive weapon. #sadpurduepeteface

• This week’s AP/Coaches polls are out and here’s how specific AP voters saw things. ***Spoiler Alert*** Scott Wolf of the LA Daily News may have had his ballot stolen by both Mack Brown and Les Miles.

• More and more, thanks to x-mo replay (and The Wiz), we get to see breakaway runners drop the ball while celebrating a couple of feet before the goal line. I’m usually not in favor of extreme punishment in such cases, but if a referee saw an Oregon player do it at a key time, I wouldn’t put up a fight if the player lost his scholarship and/or was sentenced to 5-10 at a Panamanian prison.

• The betting lines are out for this week’s slate of games, aka “Other than Some Interesting Pac-10 non-conference games, it’s Straight Garbage Until Conference Games.”

• Colorado won’t be joining the Pac Twen until 2012. Even though it seems far away, there’s already a buzz about the TV contract for Washington State/Colorado games, which promises to be the first major college football matchup to be broadcast solely on a closed-circuit middle school feed in a particularly rural part of Uruguay.

EDSBS gave out some weekly “Best in Class” awards using stickers awarded to children. It made me want grapes. And recess handball.

Today’s Video of the Day celebrates the return of the new TV season. More specifically, The Amazing Race, which I’ll watch from time to time. Because there’s always a chance something wonderful like this happens:

Enjoy your Monday.