Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Good. Ol’. Rocky Top (woo!). Rocky Top Tennessee. And staph infections. And much-needed shower discipline. Shower at the hotel, LaMichael!


• Auburn unceremoniously beat Mississippi State last night amid thousands of cowbells and panicked MSU playcalling/passing. So an ordinary night in Starkville.

• Temple RB and Solid Verbal Obsession (SVO) Bernard Pierce was average in Temple’s win over Central Michigan last night. He’s just lulling us to sleep before the destruction begins. Cunning.

• South Carolina has now received an official “letter of inquiry” from the NCAA regarding the school’s player eligibility issues. That in mind, Steve Spurrier is still waiting from the NCAA on a “letter of how I should read the 12th green.” Tricky!

• Michigan State LSU Miami Dolphins Alabama coach Nick Saban thinks Boise State should have a more impressive resumé if it wants to play for the national championship. Which immediately convinces me they don’t, based solely on Nick Saban’s life judgement.

• Nebraska has tried to schedule Boise State, but the Broncos reportedly won’t agree to play in Lincoln for anything less than a cool million. So selfish that Boise for wanting to make up the money they could’ve made from a home game. It’s like college football is a huge industry whose members need to reach a bottom line. Or something.

• Mike Leach will have a college football radio show on SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Wonder where I heard that one before.

• USC RB Dillon Baxter will play his first game for the Trojans this Saturday against Virginia. He should have plenty of success against a woeful UVA D, so expect the after party to be BUMPIN.

• Boise State plays football well. For an insane amount of time-eating details, please visit Smart Football.

• Former Notre Dame and Raider great Tim Brown is a college football analyst for ESPN. He also tells you how to bet your money on college football. Fair enough.

• Montana and Villanova could be joining FBS conferences. Let me be the first to welcome Montana to the WAC, and if they’re good, let me also be the first to say that they’re frauds and wouldn’t go undefeated in the SEC.

Today’s Video of the Day is Weezer’s video for their new single, “Memories.” The song is only okay, but the Jackass guys are in it, and that’s enough for me.

Enjoy your Friday + College Football Saturday.