Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Jennifer Aniston, whose father attended Penn State. I have no idea if he cares about the Alabama game, but hey look, there’s Jennifer Aniston! Also, his real name is Yannis Anastassakis, so that’s kinda cool. Go State!


• Tennessee coach Derek Dooley is appalled by his team’s lack of “shower discipline.” Why hasn’t anyone reached out to Bill O’Reilly for a quote? ALWAYS LOOFAH!!!!

• ESPN‘s team of CFB bloggers (including SVBFF Ted Miller) tell you what to look for in this week’s matchups. Surprisingly, none of the writers mentioned “a shocking amount of full-frontal nudity.” I think I just find the phrase “full frontal nudity” to be always funny. Let’s move on.

• The Wiz, aka Jay Christiansen, aka Big Daddy Knowledge Bombs, interviewed ESPN analyst Desmond Howard. Howard had some pretty strong and well-researched opinions about the current state of international free trade agreements and the ongoing tensions between North and South Korea.

• North Dakota State beat Kansas in Lawrence, KS. ND St coach Craig Bohl then turned around and said he was concerned about his team playing in its first hostile environment of the season. At Northern Iowa. Awesome. (via EDSBS)

• Alabama RB Mark Ingram won’t play on Saturday against Penn State – he’s either got too much work left in the lab on a biochemical engineering project, or his knee still hurts. One of the two.

• SI published a column from Jeff Benedict, a Southern Virginia english professor, examining the recent uptick in crimes committed by college football players. While he did next to no research about the LaMichael James case, he also doesn’t make many points other than “crimes are bad” and “football players should be punished.” Soooooo there’s that.

• Vince Young‘s mom is not interested in her son receiving Reggie Bush’s Heisman. She also wants everyone to “leave Reggie Bush alone.” And Britney too – leave her alooooooone!!

• CBS Sports’s Dennis Dodd writes about Penn State QB Robert Bolden‘s uncle – a diehard Alabama fan. I’m sure you see where this is going.

• No city watched the Boise State/Virginia Tech game more than Birmingham, AL. And nobody does it better. Ladies and gentlemen, Carly Simon!

Note: I’m in a weird mood today.

• Terrelle Pryor is telling Ohio State fans to avoid booing LeBron James at Saturday’s Miami game. Dan Rubenstein is telling them not to listen to Terrelle Pryor.

SI’s Andy Staples and Fanhouse’s Clay Travis both wrote about the AJ Green jersey situation. And how it all makes perfect sense.

Today’s Video of the Day, for no real reason, is Vanilla Ice and “Go Ninja Go” from TMNT 2. You’re welcome.

Enjoy your Thursday.