Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Kristin Cavallari, who briefly attended USC. So I guess in a roundabout way, it’s should also be brought to you by Dillon Baxter.


• SI’s Joe Posnanski, a Heisman voter, is against stripping Reggie Bush of his Heisman. This will probably be the best and most-reasoned look at the issue until Kim Kardashian posts 14 possibly-misspelled words about it on Twitter. What I’m trying to say is – if you follow KIm Kardashian on Twitter, you should look into sterilization.

• Oregon and LSU will play in Cowboys Stadium next September to open up the season in the “Cowboy Classic.” Some say this could be the best Cowboy Classic EVER.

• Illinois‘s starting hybrid DE Michael Buchanan was arrested and subsequently suspended for a DUI he received this past weekend. I was prepared to write a snarky comment about losing to Southern Illinois this weekend, but I looked up the Salukis and watched Illinois’s second half against Missouri – it’s entirely possible. Zook’d!

• Bryce Brown‘s dad may sue Derek Dooley for not releasing his son from his Tennessee scholarship, forcing the RB to pay his own way at Kansas State this year. This comes as a shocker when you consider the pristine karma the Bryce Brown camp has amassed these past couple years. Whodathunk.

• USC defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin is looking to retool his defensive line. Also, Dillon Baxter wanted to go out and party instead of staying in and watching USC’s home opener against Hawaii. When Baxter graduates or even spends four years at USC, we’ll have a good laugh atop our flying pigs.

• Florida offensive coordinator Steve Addazio isn’t worried about Florida center Mike Pouncey’s shotgun snapping problem. Pouncey admitted that it’s something he wished he “worked on before.” Good call.

• Georgia WR AJ Green is being investigated by the NCAA for selling a game-worn jersey, but Georgia’s in the clear for they themselves selling AJ Green jerseys. Whew.

Today’s Video of the Day is Craig Ferguson singing “Istanbul.” It’s from last year and it still makes me laugh, so there.

Enjoy your Wednesday.